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RMEx RME : RPG Maker Extender (v1.4.1)

RME is the successor of Event Extender. It offers a collection of tools to promote the personalization of an RPG Maker VX Ace project. It is the result of the work of many people and any contribution is welcome.

Some features:

  • Add +700 event commands in the form of small script calls

    • Map commands (Carte)
    • Standard commands (Standards)
    • Event commands (Evénements)
    • Keyboard commands (Clavier)
    • Mouse commands (Souris)
    • Picture commands (Images)
    • Parallax commands (Panoramas)
    • Team commands (Equipes)
    • Item commands (Objets)
    • Armor/Weapon commands (Armures/Armes)
    • System commands (Systèmes)
    • Actor commands (Acteurs)
    • Skill commands (Techniques)
    • Mathematical commands (Mathématiques)
    • Troop commands (Groupes)
    • Monster commands (Ennemis)
    • Battle commands (En combat)
    • Text commands (Textes)
    • Time commands (Date/Heure)
    • Socket commands (Client-Serveur)
    • Scene commands (Scenes)
    • Save/Load commands (Sauvegardes)
    • Virtual area commands (Zones virtuelles)
    • Textfield commands (Champs de texte)
    • Clipboard commands (Presse-papier)
    • Pad XBOX360 vibration commands (Vibrations (XBOX360))
    • BGM/BGS/ME/SE commands (Sons)
    • Camera commands (Caméra)
    • Screen effects commands (Ecran)
    • Game windows commands (Fenêtres)
    • Special effects commands (Effets spéciaux)
    • File commands (Fichiers)
    • Spritesheet commands (Spritesheet)
  • Add V[id] and S[id] shortcut for manipulating global variables and global switches in script calls

  • Add labels, self-labels, self-variables and extend self-switches

    • L[key] : label (ex.: L[:foo] = "bar")
    • SL[key] : self-label (ex.: SL[:x] = event_x(1))
    • SS[id] : self-switch (ex.: SS[6] = player_moving?)
    • SV[id] : self-variable (ex.: SV[1] = 5)
  • Call self-labels/variables/swtich from another event or map (SV[id_event, id], SV[id_map, id_event, id]...)

  • Can eval commands live ingame with the command-tester (F3)

  • Can test the tone of the screen with the tone-tester (F4)

  • Add maps related events, custom triggers, events selectors... see the wiki! ;)


Copy/paste the content of RME.rb in your scripts... that's all!

Lastest Release

Wiki / User Manual (EN)

Wiki / Manuel d'utilisation (FR)

Command documentation (FR)

Unfortunately, the command documentation is not yet available in English, but it is easy to understand what a command is for because its name and parameters are in English! :)

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