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A list of packages that should exist, but don't
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A list of packages that don't yet exist, but definitely should


Today (2017-06-04) I'm at the UseR conference in Brussels, and I see a lot of useful packages and workflows.

However, there is not just useful packages. In here I would like to create a list of packages that should exist, but don't.

Want to contribute? Modify the readme on github and send a pull request. Or send me a message on twitter at @rmhoge Preferably in the following way: dash (-) name of the package colon(:) explanation in a few lines.


list of packages that should exist, but don't.

  • TastR: create balanced food or drinks tasting experiments for party or serious study.
  • witchcraft / bewitcher: -
  • stereotypR : classifies people by their stance. is it already done? a motion capture package
  • powRballad: solves the ancient problem of; what song do i choose for Kareoke, based on R-level and Nationality.
  • bilocation: enables you to be at two places at the same time. from Jenine K Harris twitter
  • conferencemode: a package that makes sure that everything works even though the internet drops out regularly, might cache some stuff, might download the conference website.
  • hexprintR: a package that helps you quickly create hexbin size logos for your projects that are sticker-print ready. already done with hexsticker
  • feedme: a package that tells you what the goto dish is for a given country and city.
  • empathy: based on the errors in your code over time this package will give you motivation with music and postive vibes.
  • meetuplocatR : a package that tells you where the closest meetup or R usergroup is, and also knows when these events happen, so for instance while you are in Amsterdam it will tell you: "if you take the train now you can get to the next useRgroup meetup in prague in two days.
  • bigmother: a package that keeps track of when you are coding, it will give you passive aggresive remarks such as: " really, it is way to late to be behind your computer, go to sleep" and "10 o clock starting? that is a tad late, isn't it?"
  • Academic motivator: a package that always gives you the same advice: "you should be wrting"
  • givemeabreakplease: a package that tells you where you should go on vacation based on your wishes, airplane or not, how big your budget is, sun preference, etc.
  • package that keeps track of what packages do not yet exist (it should parse this page I think)


a stackoverflow question like this

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