C# implementation of Rob Napier's RNCryptor
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C# implementation of Rob Napier's RNCryptor

Note: This codebase is in early alpha stage. Don't expect it to do much yet.

Note: This project was forked from here

Changes: The main change is, you can encrypt any byte array now, not just strings. Byte arrays can be encrypted multiple times and still be decrypted.

This project was developed using Mono on Mac OSX. Its compatibility with Windows platforms is presently unknown.

To build on OSX, make sure you've got the Mono compiler installed, then run xbuild RNCryptor.csproj. To run it, you can then do this: mono bin/Debug/RNCryptor.exe. It only runs test at the moment, but at least this way we can see what we still need to work on.

All tests are known to pass. Tests cover RNCryptor schemas through version 2.

License: MIT