Haskell implementation of the RNCryptor encrypted file format by Rob Napier
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Haskell Implementation of the RNCryptor spec

This library implements the specification for the RNCryptor encrypted file format by Rob Napier.

Current Supported Versions


The library uses by default a fast C layer to compute the PBKDF2, but that requires the presence of the OpenSSL libraries on the target system. In case this is a too rigid requirement, you can switch back to a pure (slower) Haskell implementation by turning off the fastpbkdf2 cabal flag.


  • Key-based test vectors
  • Key-derivation test vectors

Contributors (Sorted by name)

  • Alfredo Di Napoli (creator and maintainer)
  • Rob Napier (gave me the key insight to use the previous cipher text as IV for the new block)
  • Tim Docker (Added decryptEither and gave us momentum in turning decrypt into a total function)
  • Tom Titchener (added support for HMAC validation)


This library scratches my own itches, but please fork away! Pull requests are encouraged.