GeoSHAPE - A Django package that adds GeoSHAPE functionality to GeoNode.
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Geospatial capabilities for Security, Humanitarian Assistance, Partner Engagement – is designed to enable collaboration on geospatial information between mission partners in connected and disconnected operations. GeoSHAPE has been built utilizing open source software and open standards to make it available for partners and to maximize interoperability. GeoSHAPE is the integration of a geospatial portal (GeoNode), a web mapping client (MapLoom), and a mobile application (Arbiter), that leverages the infrastructure provided by a geospatial server and database components (The OpenGeo Suite). GeoSHAPE is the outcome of the Rapid Open Geospatial User-Driven Enterprise (ROGUE) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD). For more information about GeoSHAPE visit the project page at

What is this?

A django module that extends GeoNode and adds custom functionality that is required by GeoSHAPE. Follow the installation instructions below to try it out.


A GeoSHAPE build consists of several components including GeoNode, Geoserver, GeoGig, and Arbiter that all have to be properly configured in order to work together correctly. We have a Google Doc that describes the installation process in detail. The easiest way to install and configure these components is by using Vagrant with Virtualbox, where you can build an entire GeoSHAPE VM in only a few commands.::

git clone
cd rogue-chef-repo
vagrant up


We are currently accepting pull requests for this repository. Please provide a human-readable description of the changes in the pull request.