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Slim Alternative Firmware for 3DS!


  • Arm9loaderhax only.
  • No EmuNAND Support.
  • No payload chainloading.
  • No config, perfect for minimalists and children.
  • Automatic firmware protection patching for all FIRMs.
  • Automatic signature check patching.
  • Automatic TWL/AGB patching.
  • Automatic region-free patching.
  • Automatic reboot patching.
  • Optional splash screen.
  • Optional region/language patching.
  • Optional firmware.bin loading for NTR.
  • Install and forget.

How to install standalone:

  1. FOR A9LH: Drop arm9loaderhax.bin to the root of your SD.
  2. FOR ShadowNAND: Drop boot.bin to the root of your SD.
  3. DONE!

How to install and use with a bootmanager:

  1. Drop SaltFW.bin to SD:/ShadowNAND/. OR drop boot.bin to either SD:/ShadowNAND/ or SD root.
  2. Set your choice of bootmanager to load the file as default.
  3. DONE!

How to use splash/bootlogo

  1. Create ShadowNAND/ folder in the root of your SD.
  2. Put splash.bin OR splashbottom.bin OR BOTH in ShadowNAND/ folder
  3. DONE!

How to use firmware.bin

  1. Download this.
  2. Put firmware.bin from the folder for your device, to SD:/ShadowNAND.
  3. DONE!

How to use Region/Language emulation

  1. Create /ShadowNAND/ folder in the root of your SD.
  2. Create _locales folder in ShadowNAND.
  3. Create a txt file titleID of the game you want to edit. (e.g. 0004000000055E00.txt)
  4. Inside the file, put RGN LN where RGN is the region code, and LN is the language code. (e.g. JPN JP)
  5. DONE!


You'll need armips, bin2c, and a recent build of makerom added to your PATH. HERE is a pre-compiled version of armips for Windows.
Then, just run "make" and everything should work!
You can find the compiled files in the 'out' folder.


AuroraWright for her great coding.
TuxSH for helping with Luma3DS.
Rei for his initial ground work.
And everyone else they mentioned in their credits sections.