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This repository contains python software pertaining to automated AO image mosaicing, as presented in Biomedical Optics Express 2018.
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Fast auto-montager using ORB

This repo contains an implementation of the method described in this paper. Please cite the paper if you use the code.

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Getting Started

To install and use requires:

  • Python 3
  • pip


  1. Download the git repository to a folder of your choice, /path/to/code/autoMontager

  2. Install Python package using pip. Ubuntu: pip install /path/to/code/autoMontager; Windowspython -m pip install /path/to/code/ConeDetector


  • Run the tool from the command line after installing via


  • Super fast!
  • Will output photoshop .jsx scripts which should be run from photoshop
  • Will put multiple FOV images into a single montage, after appropriately resizing

To Use

  • Enter movie numbers, movie nominal positions, and movie fovs into an .xlsx (excell) file as in the provided template
  • Run the tool from the command line
  • Use the GUI to enter the required info and run
  • Go to photoshop and run the script generated by the tool


  • Output disjoint montage pieces to same document
  • Replace numpy interpolation with OpenCV for visualisations without Photoshop
  • Use multiprocessing for even faster montaging.
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