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A warsow mod dedicated to race
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Racesow is a popular race modification for the first person shooter Warsow,
developed since 2006. Physics of the game are faithful to Warsow base physics,
and were only carefully optimized to enable better tricking and racing.

This repository contains:

* racesow game code, in source/
Very close to warsow game code. Modifications include various optimizations for
racing and race maps support, a database system to record many statistics about
players and races (records, activity,...). This code is kept up to date with
warsow game code and is compatible with basewsw clients.

* several gametypes in racesow/progs
Based on the gametype scripting system of warsow (using AngelScript to
interpret gametype code at runtime).

* racesow hud in racesow/huds
Dedicated to race and designed both for beginners and advanced players. This
hud relies on racesow client library and is thus not usable with basewsw

More info at:

Racesow is developed and supported by Racenet, a racing community
contact: #racenet@quakenet
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