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The official COVID-19 exposure notification app for Spain.

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  1. radar-covid-android radar-covid-android Public

    Native Android app using DP^3T Android sdk to handle Exposure Notifications API from Google

    Kotlin 382 84

  2. radar-covid-ios radar-covid-ios Public

    Native iOS app using DP^3T iOS sdk to handle Exposure Notification framework from Apple

    Swift 144 43

  3. radar-covid-backend-verification-server radar-covid-backend-verification-server Public

    Radar COVID Verification Service

    Java 92 31

  4. radar-covid-backend-dp3t-server radar-covid-backend-dp3t-server Public

    DP^3T Radar COVID fork

    Java 80 34

  5. radar-covid-backend-configuration-server radar-covid-backend-configuration-server Public

    Radar COVID Configuration Service

    Java 46 30

  6. radar-covid-backend-efgs-server radar-covid-backend-efgs-server Public

    Radar COVID European Federation Gateway Service (EFGS) Service

    Java 5


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