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  • Download the desired release and extract the .zip anywhere.
  • Run Radarr.exe as Administrator, once (this gives Radarr network access).
  • Create a new folder called Bin in C:\ProgramData\Radarr\
  • Copy the contents of the .zip into the C:\ProgramData\Radarr\Bin folder.
  • Run ServiceInstall.exe from C:\ProgramData\Radarr\Bin.

Radarr is now installed as a service set to auto start, check that it is running by opening http://localhost:7878 in your browser. If the web-ui opens and works, installation is complete. If it doesn't, open the Services tab in Task Manager, find Radarr, right click and choose "Start"

Don't forget to use UNC paths like \\Server\Share instead of mapped network drives like M:\Movies.


Debian / Ubuntu

Install dependencies:

apt update && apt install libmono-cil-dev curl mediainfo

Now proceed to Manually Install Radarr or use Install on Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16.04.

If you are on Ubuntu 16.04 or earlier, you should also update your mediainfo to the latest using the official releases.

Fedora / CentOS

Install dependencies (Fedora):

dnf install mono-core mono-devel mono-locale-extras curl mediainfo

Install dependencies (Centos):

yum install mono-core mono-devel mono-locale-extras curl mediainfo -y

Now proceed to Manually Install Radarr.

Arch Linux

Radarr AUR package

aurman -S radarr

Manually Install Radarr

Download and extract the latest release from github, changing the url below to match.

cd /opt
curl -L -O $( curl -s | grep linux.tar.gz | grep browser_download_url | head -1 | cut -d \" -f 4 )
tar -xvzf Radarr.develop.*.linux.tar.gz

To run Radarr on startup, follow this Wiki article relevent to your Distro.

FreeBSD Jail

Radarr is in FreeBSDs ports, so if you do not need the latest release, installing it can be achieved by a simple

pkg install radarr

(It comes with an rc-script).

Otherwise, you can install it manually. Before starting, find the latest .linux.tar.gz release to use below. The example URL will not work.

FreeNAS 11.1 or newer users need to do the manual install for jails and must run pkg lock sqlite3 before starting install.

pkg update && pkg upgrade
pkg install mono mediainfo sqlite3
#needed this to stop error:Could not find libgdiplus. Cannot test if image is corrupt.: Couldn't load GDIPlus library
pkg install libgdiplus

cd /usr/local/
tar -zxvf Radarr.develop.*.linux.tar.gz
rm Radarr.*.linux.tar.gz
echo "/usr/local/bin/mono /usr/local/Radarr/Radarr.exe" > /etc/rc.d/radarr
chmod 555 /etc/rc.d/radarr
#this is needed for updates within Radarr
ln -s /usr/local/bin/mono /bin

restart your jail
use your browser and navigate to jail_ip:7878

An alternative rc.d script for FreeBSD jails is listed below which allows you to change the user radarr runs as. Create /etc/rc.d/radarr or /usr/local/etc/rc.d/radarr and paste the following into it:

# $FreeBSD$

# PROVIDE: radarr
# KEYWORD: shutdown

# Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf to enable radarr:
# radarr_enable="YES"

. /etc/rc.subr


load_rc_config $name

: ${radarr_enable="NO"}
: ${radarr_user:="media"}
: ${radarr_group:="media"}
: ${radarr_data_dir:="/var/db/radarr"}

command_args="${procname} /usr/local/share/Radarr/Radarr.exe --data=${radarr_data_dir}"

start_precmd="export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=${radarr_data_dir}"

run_rc_command "$1"

Manually Update Radarr From Within Jail

# workaround for sqlite "fdatasync" error that occurs on recent versions (> 3.18?) of sqlite3 
pkg lock sqlite3
pkg update && pkg upgrade

if you've happened to upgrade without locking sqlite then check /var/cache/pkg/sqlite-XXXX for the 3.18 and force install over it.

pkg install -f /var/cache/pkg/<sqlite-pkg-name>.tgz
pkg lock sqlite3
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