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Code to insert TikZ diagrams into your Hakyll website easily
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To use this you'll have to have rubber-pipe and pdftocairo on your system. The former comes from the rubber package and the latter comes from poppler_utils.

Hakyll + TikZ

This git repository contains a minimal example for how to easily embed TikZ diagrams into your Hakyll website. I wrote up a blog post on how it works, but it should be fairly self-explanatory.

The end result is that you can write this in the markdown:

\node (X) {$X$};
\node (Y) [below of=X, left of=X] {$Y$};
\node (Y') [below of=X, right of=X] {$Y^\prime$};
\draw[->] (Y) to node {$i$} (X);
\draw[->] (Y') to node [swap] {$i^\prime$} (X);
\draw[transform canvas={yshift=0.5ex}, ->] (Y) to node {$\alpha$} (Y');
\draw[transform canvas={yshift=-0.5ex}, ->] (Y') to node {$\alpha^{-1}$} (Y);

And the page will contain the resulting diagram.

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