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Dandelion is a plugin for Eclipse that supports Lisp programming in the Eclipse platform. It comes with two ready to use Lisp environments: SBCL and CLISP. It is possible to connect other environments.

Supported Common Lisp versions

Type Platform Architecture Version Maintenance Status
SBCL macOS x86 2.0.11 maintained
SBCL macOS ppc 1.1.10 unmaintained
SBCL Linux x86 2.0.1 maintained
SBCL Windows x86 2.0.0 maintained (SBCL only partially maintains Windows)
CLISP macOS x86 2.49.93+ maintained
CLISP macOS ppc 2.49.2 unmaintained
CLISP Linux x86 2.49.92 maintained
CLISP Windows x86 2.49.2 unmaintained


There are two ways to install the plugin in Eclipse: Marketplace install and Update-Site installation.

Eclipse Marketplace

Search for 'Dandelion' in the Eclipse Marketplace dialog (Help > Eclipse Marketplace...). You have to choose an appropriate environment for your current platform.

Update-Site Installation

Enter the URL to the Dandelion Update-Site in the Help > Install New Software... dialog: You have to choose an appropriate environment for your current platform.

Setting the executable permissions on *nix systems

The Common Lisp environments that come with the plugin are executables that cannot be executed after installation. You probably will get an Exception if you try to evaluate Lisp-Code in the editor. To fix this problem you have to give the environment executables the execute permission with

chmod +x <path/to/environment>

You can extract the correct path to the environment from the resulting error message.


Editor and Code Outline

Dandelion provides an editor with error highlighting and an outline view to quickly navigate through big files:

Editor and Code Outline

Completion Proposal

The editor provides completions and documentation for functions/macros:

Code Proposal

Apropos View

The apropos view allows you to search for functions/macros/packages and their documentation:


Out-of-the-Box Experience

Dandelion comes with ready to use Lisp environments. You do not have to install/configure anything. The plugin also provides a REPL for interactively trying out code:



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