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docker image for kcov
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docker image for kcov

run it

$ docker pull ragnaroek/kcov:vXX

Where XX is the kcov version number (available starting from version v31)

$ docker run --security-opt seccomp=unconfined -v $(pwd):/source kcov:v31

The --security-opt flag is pretty important since kcov tries to set the personality of the binary which docker doesn't allow by default.

For experimental usage there is also a automatic head build of kcov

docker pull ragnaroek/kcov_head:latest

This docker image only has the latest tag and you may get an unstable build.

build it

$ git clone
$ docker build --tag "kcov:<tagname>" .

This builds the latestet tagged version from the kcov repository. You can build a specific version with:

$ git clone
$ docker build --tag "kcov:<tagname>" \
               --build-arg KCOV_GIT_REF=<branch/tag/commit> \
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