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LaunchBar action for Lungo app
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Drink Lungo.lbaction/Contents

Drink Lungo

LaunchBar action for a utility app Lungo.

This action allows you to toggle Lungo straight from LaunchBar. Either activate the action without any input to start Lungo indefinitely, or activate with input specifying for how long should Lungo be active.


Clone this repository and run the installation script

git clone
cd LungoLaunchbar


Just run the action Drink Lungo with enter key to activate Lungo indefinitely. Or run it with space to enter number of minutes Lungo should be active. You can also specify number of hours if your input contains the words hours, Hour, hrs etc.

Example inputs for activating lungo for 2 hours:

2 hours
2 hrs
2 h

When Lungo is active, running the action without input will deactivate it.

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