Deprecated (no longer maintained). Use the Rails Composer tool instead.
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Rails 3.2 Application Templates Rails 3.2 Application Templates

These application templates are deprecated (no longer maintained).

Use the Rails Composer tool instead. The Rails Composer tool creates the example applications for the RailsApps project. The tool gives you a Rails 3.2 starter app you can deploy in minutes.


Before generating your application, you will need:

  • The Ruby language (version 1.9.3)
  • Rails 3.2

See Installing Rails for detailed instructions and advice.

Creating a Starter App

To build a Rails application, run the command (where myapp is the name of your application):

$ rails new myapp -m

You can use the -T flag to skip Test::Unit files or the -O flag to skip Active Record files:

$ rails new myapp -m -T -O

Application Template Default

The rails new command creates a new Rails application. If you want to use a template for every Rails application you build, you can set options for the rails new command in a .railsrc file in your home directory. Here’s how to set up a .railsrc file to use a template when you create a new Rails application:

# ~/.railsrc


Problems? Check the issues for the rails_apps_composer gem.

You should review the article Installing Rails to make sure you’ve updated all the components that are required to run Rails successfully.

Problems with “Certificate Verify Failed”

Are you getting an error “OpenSSL certificate verify failed” when you try to generate a new Rails app from an application template? See suggestions to resolve the error Certificate Verify Failed.

Problems with “Segmentation Fault”

If you get a “segfault” when you try rails new, try removing and reinstalling rvm.

Documentation and Support

The application templates are assembled from recipes supplied by the rails_apps_composer gem. See the rails_apps_composer project to understand how the application templates work.

Customizing the Template

If you wish to change a template to generate an app with your own customized options, you can copy and edit the template file. However, it is better to use the rails_apps_composer gem to create a new application template. You’ll find newer versions of the recipes that make up the application template. You may find issues have been identified and (perhaps) fixed. And it will be easier to maintain your application template if you work from the rails_apps_composer gem.

Writing Recipes

To understand the code in these templates, take a look at Thor::Actions. Your recipes can use any methods provided by Thor::Actions or Rails::Generators::Actions.

About Rails Application Templates

Cooking Up A Custom Rails 3 Template (11 Oct 2010) by Andrea Singh
Rails Application Templates (16 Sept 2010) by Collin Schaafsma
Application templates in Rails 3 (18 Sept 2009) by Ben Scofield
Railscasts: App Templates in Rails 2.3 (9 Feb 2009) by Ryan Bates
Rails templates (4 Dec 2008) by Pratik Naik

Similar Projects

There are many similar projects:


Please review issues for the rails_apps_composer gem and submit any issues there.

Where to Get Help

Your best source for help with problems is Stack Overflow. Your issue may have been encountered and addressed by others.

You can also try Rails Hotline, a free telephone hotline for Rails help staffed by volunteers.


Please make changes to the rails_apps_composer gem rather than changing the application templates.


Daniel Kehoe initiated the RailsApps project and created the Rails Composer application template.

Is it useful to you? Follow the project on Twitter:
and tweet some praise. I’d love to know you were helped out by what I’ve put together.


MIT License

Copyright 2012 Daniel Kehoe

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