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BeagleBoneBackupCam V1.0

Supporting files for my element14 Project 14 BeagleBone AI Seeing/Talking Backup Camera:


In the terminal, at a directory of choice, type the following:

git clone

Copy classification.tidl.cpp over the existing Cloud9 example:


edit the paths in classification.tidl.cpp line 104 to match your directory

You'll need to mount a RAMDisk. Do this in the terminal:

mkdir ~/ramdisk
sudo nano /etc/fstab

Paste this at the bottom and save with CTRL x:

myramdisk  /home/debian/ramdisk  tmpfs  defaults,size=64k,x-gvfs-show  0  0


You'll only need to do this if you modify the code for the serfo, tfmini, or forecast:

gcc servoPot.c -o s #to recompile servoPot.c
gcc tfmini.c -o t  #to recompile tfmini.c
./mymake #to recompile wally.cpp  


Use the Cloud9 IDE to Run classification.tidl.cpp. Set your runner to "BeagleBone C or C++"