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Thin Common Lisp bindings for Clutter toolkit

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This is a basis for Common Lisp bindings for Clutter toolkit, version 1.0.0.

It is mostly composed from semi-automatically generated bindings for Clutter and parts of GLib and GObject. The Lisp layer is pretty thin, so C APIs remain only documentation.

There are basic examples in examples subdirectory. There are examples from nine chapters of this tutorial (all but final one). There are two examples of widgets with custom drawing, triangle-example uses signal override, and subclass-example creates a GObject level subclass of ClutterActor. The architecture for the latter is rather ad-hoc, and should probably be abstracted to be useful.

Note that both grovel.lisp and bindings.lisp contain lots of absolute paths which have to be set appropriately before compilation.


yum -y install clutter-devel

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