PowerShell module for working with Citrix NetScaler REST API
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This is a work in progress module for working with the Citrix NetScaler REST API. It is currently limited to creating sessions on and retrieving information from a NetScaler. Individual functions can be automatically created with the AutogenFunctions script.


  1. Download this repo, Unblock the file(s), copy the Citrix.NetScaler folder to an appropriate module location
  2. Run Citrix.NetScaler\AutogenFunctions.ps1 with the appropriate arguments to generate functions.
  • NOTE: For more information, run Get-Help \path\to\Citrix.NetScaler\AutogenFunctions.ps1 -full
  • NOTE: You may skip this step until later if desired. Details in example.
  1. Import-Module Citrix.NetScaler

Autogenerating Functions

Here are a few examples on how you might run the autogenfuntions.ps1 script

# Quick and Dirty!
	# WARNING: generates all 900 + functions, sends credentials in the clear
    & "\\path\to\Citrix.NetScaler\AutogenFunctions.ps1" -Address YourNetScalerAddressHere -AllowHTTPAuth

# Explore first
    #Import the module
    Import-Module "\\path\to\Citrix.NetScaler"
    #Create a session on CTX-NS-TST-01, get a list of config objects
    #WARNING: creds sent in clear text when using AllowHTTPAuth
    $session = Get-NSSessionCookie -Address ctx-ns-tst-01 -AllowHTTPAuth
    Get-NSObjectList -Address ctx-ns-tst-01 -WebSession $session -ObjectType config -AllowHTTPAuth
    # From the list of objects, we decide we care about only a few...
    # Limit all functions to the address set "ctx-ns-tst-02", "ctx-ns-tst-01", set default address to "ctx-ns-tst-01", ONLY create functions for server, lbvserver, service, servicegroup, and ns objects
    # WARNING: sends credentials in the clear!
    & \\path\to\Citrix.NetScaler\AutogenFunctions.ps1 -address "CTX-NS-TST-02" -AllowHTTPAuth -allNetScalerAddresses "ctx-ns-tst-02", "ctx-ns-tst-01" -defaultNetScalerAddress "ctx-ns-tst-01" -FunctionList server, lbvserver, service, servicegroup, ns

After running the last example, the following files are available in \path\to\Citrix.NetScaler\AutogenFunction:

  • Get-NSlbvserverConfig
  • Get-NSlbvserverStat
  • Get-NSnsStat
  • Get-NSserverConfig
  • Get-NSserviceConfig
  • Get-NSservicegroupConfig
  • Get-NSservicegroupStat
  • Get-NSserviceStat

Using the Citrix.NetScaler module

#Import the module!
Import-Module Citrix.NetScaler

#Get commands from the module.  Output below is from the second autogenerating example:
Get-Command -Module Citrix.Netscaler | Select -ExpandProperty Name

#Create a session on CTX-NS-TST-01.  WARNING: creds sent in clear text when using AllowHTTPAuth!
    $session = Get-NSSessionCookie -Address ctx-ns-tst-01 -AllowHTTPAuth

#Get a list of all config objects on CTX-NS-TST-01
    Get-NSObjectList -Address ctx-ns-tst-01 -WebSession $session -ObjectType config -AllowHTTPAuth

#Get basic server config information
    Get-NSserverConfig -Address ctx-ns-tst-01 -WebSession $session -AllowHTTPAuth | select Name, State, Domain
        name        state   domain                  
        ----        -----   ------                  
        servername1 ENABLED servername1.domain.com
        servername1 ENABLED 
#Get stats on services
    Get-NSserviceStat -Address ctx-ns-tst-01 -WebSession $session -AllowHTTPAuth | Select Name, numofconnections, servername,  servicetype, failedprobes | ft -AutoSize

        name             numofconnections servername servicetype failedprobes
        ----             ---------------- ---------- ----------- ------------
        svc_someservice1                0 servername1       HTTP            0           
        svc_someservice2                0 servername2       HTTP            0           
#Pull all lbvservers, servers, services, servicegroups from ctx-ns-tst-01
    Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address "CTX-NS-TST-01" -ResourceType "lbvserver" -WebSession $session
    Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address "CTX-NS-TST-01" -ResourceType "server" -WebSession $session
    Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address "CTX-NS-TST-01" -ResourceType "service" -WebSession $session
    Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address "CTX-NS-TST-01" -ResourceType "servicegroup" -WebSession $session

#This example illustrates how to disable a server and save the NetScaler config
    #Build the JSON for a server you want to disable.  !NOTE! you must not indent this.  Remove all indentation.
    $json = @"
        "server": {

    #disable the server specified in $json
        Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address "CTX-NS-TST-01" -ResourceType "server" -method Post -Body $json -ContentType application/vnd.com.citrix.netscaler.server+json -AllowHTTPAuth -action disable -verbose -WebSession $session
        #Note that an error will be returned indicating null output.  Not sure how else to handle this, as null output is usually bad.  Will work on it...
    #verify the change:
        Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address CTX-NS-TST-01 -ResourceType server -ResourceName SomeServerName -WebSession $session -AllowHTTPAuth

    #Save the config on CTX-NS-TST-01
        Save-NSConfig -WebSession $session -Address CTX-NS-TST-01 -AllowHTTPAuth

#List all enabled servers on CTX-NS-TST-01
    Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address "CTX-NS-TST-01" -ResourceType "server" -FilterTable @{state="ENABLED"}
#List all disabled servers on CTX-NS-TST-01
    Invoke-NSCustomQuery -Address "CTX-NS-TST-01" -ResourceType "server" -FilterTable @{state="DISABLED"}

Base Functions

These functions are available independent of the automatic generation of functions.


This command determines whether a Citrix NetScaler is the primary or secondary in an HA cluster


This command retrieves a list of configuration (config) or statistical (stat) objects that NetScaler commands revolve around. There are 876 configuration objects and 85 stat objects. You can narrow these down when you call AutogenFunctions using the FunctionList argument.


This command creates a session on a Citrix NetScaler. You can use this session until it expires for all the commands in this module, as well as any other REST API calls you run against that NetScaler.


This command saves the running config on a Citrix NetScaler.


This is a general wrapper for Citrix NetScaler queries using the REST API. For many examples, import the module and run Get-Help Invoke-NSCustomQuery -full.


  • Functions for configuration changes; for example, Enable/Disabled/Add/Remove-LBVServer/Server, etc.
  • Further testing, improving existing functionality
  • Separate out autogeneration FunctionList argument so that Config and Stat functions can be chosen independently. As is, 'service' pulls both Get-NSserviceConfig and Get-NSserviceStat
  • Learn how to use GitHub

Further References

Other notes

This is my first GitHub repo and second day (as of initial release) with the NetScaler REST API. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback!