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A Crash Course in Version Control and Git

These are the presentation materials and notes used at the TechSession A Crash Course in Version Control and Git.

At the end of the day, this is quite similar to PowerShell. You're not going to pick up Git and GitHub from an hour long webinar or a three day course. Start using Git and GitHub for a project. Get involved with a repository on GitHub.

The only way you'll pick this up is if you start using it on a regular basis... And if you're not on some fancy development team (or even if you are), this is going to be far simpler than picking up PowerShell.

Resources from the PowerPoint:

Here are some handy resources from the last slide, and a few extracted from the slide notes. Don’t be intimidated, you don’t need all this, but it may come in handy if you want to dive a bit deeper into the weeds.

Why Use Version Control?

Research your own scenario. Chances are you should be using version control. A few examples:

Interactive Guides

These are a great way to spin up quickly. The GitHub guide is short and sweet.


Contributing to Microsoft’s DSC Resources on GitHub

More references

Oh shoot, something went wrong!

A few recent articles:

Popular Git clients on Windows

Continuous Integration and Delivery

This is an interesting topic, excited to see this mature in the MSFT / PowerShell ecosystem. You should start exploring this, it's incredibly helpful.


  • The vast majority of the youtube video should be reasonable, content wise.
  • Paraphrased / simplified a few things.
  • The description of 'HEAD' was a bit shaky, not sure why I tried to reword that on the spot - sorry about that! You probably won't even need this, but here's an explanation of HEAD.
  • Contributing to the Microsoft DSC resources? You can ignore most of the branch and HEAD discussion. Long story short, just make sure you are working on the dev branch, and that you submit your pull request to the dev branch.
  • I mentioned there weren't many solid Git server solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem. Haven't used it, but SCM-Manager might be worth a peak if you want a free on-prem solution, and you don't mind Java.

Thanks to Nick Getchell and for the invite, it was an honor and a pleasure to give this presentation!