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This function will take in a script or scriptblock, and run it against specified objects(s) in parallel. It uses runspaces, as there are many situations where jobs or PSRemoting are not appropriate.


# Download and unblock the file(s).
# Dot source the file.
    . "\\Path\To\Invoke-Parallel.ps1"

# Get help for the function
    Get-Help Invoke-Parallel -Full

# Use Invoke-Parallel with variables in your session

    $Number = 2
    1..10 | Invoke-Parallel -ImportVariables -ScriptBlock { $Number * $_ }

# Use the $Using Syntax, currently restricted to PowerShell v3 and later

    $Path = 'C:\temp\'

    'Server1', 'Server2' | Invoke-Parallel {

        #Create a log file for this server, use the root $Path
        $ThisPath = Join-Path $Using:Path "$_.log"
        "Doing something with $_" | Out-File -FilePath $ThisPath -Force


# Import modules found in the current session

    #From https://psremoteregistry.codeplex.com/releases/view/65928
    Import-Module PSRemoteRegistry

    $ServerList | Invoke-Parallel -ImportModules -ScriptBlock {

        $Key = 'Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System'
        Get-RegValue -ComputerName $_ -Hive LocalMachine -Key $Key |
            Select ComputerName, Value, Data


# Want to time out items that take too long?

    1..5 | Invoke-Parallel -RunspaceTimeout 2 -ScriptBlock {

        "Starting $_"
        Start-Sleep -Seconds $_
        "If you see this, we didn't timeout $_"

# Is one thread freezing up when you time it out, and preventing your scripting from moving on?

    $ServerList | Invoke-Parallel -RunspaceTimeout 10 -NoCloseOnTimeout -ScriptBlock {

            Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem -ComputerName $_ | select -Property PSComputerName, Caption, Version


Some outdated notes and details are available on the TechNet Galleries submission.


Would love contributors, suggestions, feedback, and other help! Split this out at the suggestion of @vors to help enable collaboration.