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This is the source code that powers the User Generator.

Our goal is to have a very diverse database that consists of data unique to different nationalities. While some places might have an SSN or their phone number might be formatted a certain way, other places usually follow a completely different set of rules.

Help us make the Random User Generator better by contributing to our database and teaching us the proper way of formatting data for different nationalities.


If you would like to help contribute data specific to a region, please keep these few rules in mind:

  1. Only add new nat data to the api/.nextRelease directory...

  2. Please keep all of the data organized.

    • Keep US data in the US directory, AU in the AU directory, etc.
  3. No duplicates. Make sure that the data you are adding isn't already on the list.

    • An easy way to remove duplicates from your file and sort:
sort -u <file> -o <file>

4. Please don't submit requests that say "make this nationality". We will accept helpful contributions, but not orders :)


Node v9.0.0+ MongoDB

How to use

  1. Run npm install

  2. Run npm run build to build views and minify js/css

  3. Run npm test and verify all tests pass

  4. Start the server with npm start

What if I want to add a new nationality?

Go ahead! We will gladly accept new regions if they follow the guidelines above. Just place your files in a new directory in the api/.nextRelease/data folder with the appropriate 2 letter ISO Country Code ( Follow the format of the US folder for reference.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on our Twitter page @randomapi.