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Simplest OTA update solution for your Micropython projects.


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Senko  OTA Updater

License: GPL v3

Senko is the simplest Over The Air updater solution for your Micropython projects based on ESP8266 and ESP32.

Senko synchronizes selected files on your microcontroller with the remote ones from GitHub repository.
I used Senko to automatically deploy the latest master branch to my ESP8266 sensors fleet.

By all means, Senko is not the best implementation, but for my simple IoT projects, It was adequate!

Operating Principle

Every time .fetch() or .update() methods are called Senko compares SHA1 hashes of local files with remote ones to determine if they are the same.

If they are not, Senko saves remote files from GitHub repository to your microcontroller. This means you need to reboot to run the latest code.

You are responsible for implementing a network connection and reboot strategy!


Senko consists of a single module that you import.

You can use Ampy or WebREPL to load /senko/ module to your microcontroller:

sudo ampy -p /dev/ttyUSB0 put

Or use uPip to install Senko from PyPi:

import upip


You should start by importing the module and creating a Senko object.

You have to specify user with your GitHub username, repo, and files that you want to keep synchronized.

import senko

OTA = senko.Senko(
  user="ocktokit", # Required
  repo="octokit-iot", # Required
  branch="master", # Optional: Defaults to "master"
  working_dir="app", # Optional: Defaults to "app"
  files = ["", ""]

Or You can also specify URL to the GitHub directory containing your code and files that you want to keep synchronized.

import senko

OTA = senko.Senko(url=GITHUB_URL, files=["", ""])

To get the URL simply click the RAW button on the one of the files that you want to track and then strip the name of that file from it.

You can even specify what branch Senko will update from!


Then after connecting to Wi-Fi network call OTA.update():

import senko
import machine
import network

OTA = senko.Senko(
  user="ocktokit", repo="octokit-iot", files = ["", ""]

# Connect to Wi-Fi network.

if OTA.update():
    print("Updated to the latest version! Rebooting...")

This setup will try to keep and updated every time microcontroller boots.


If you only want to check if the newer version of files exists call OTA.fetch():

if OTA.fetch():
    print("A newer version is available!")
    print("Up to date!")

Check out a simple example of usage from examples directory!


You are more than welcome to help me improve Senko!

Just fork this project from the master branch and submit a Pull Request (PR).


This project is licensed under GPL-3.0 .