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What Is It?

SBNation is a consortium of blogs covering a wide variety of sports subjects.

While the majority of SBNation users are great, sometimes you wish you could ignore a few of them. This extension does just that -- it automatically parses the content of any SBNation site and hides the comments of anyone you have added to the blacklist.

How Do I Use It?

First, you must be using either Google Chrome, or Safari. Other browser support may be added eventually, but this is the initial implementation. =)


  • implement preferences as an injected HTML page (using local storage)

Version History

  • 1.2.0
    • Completely rewrite the Chrome settings page in AngularJS to work with stricter Chrome extension APIs.
    • Fix comment-rewriting to work with the latest SBN layout.
  • 1.1.2
    • Scans and updates blacklisted comments for all tabs with SBNation pages loaded, rather than just the currently selected tab.
  • 1.1.1
    • Set debug logging to false. Accidentally left it on in 1.1.0.
  • 1.1.0
    • Add support for choosing whether to block replies to blocked comments
  • 1.0.x Initial Public Release


SBNation Black List Browser Extension




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