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The lootable behavior allows you to specify one or more pools of items for an NPC to drop along with any currencies and the range each will drop. Currencies are automatically given to the player, or distributed evently among party members if the player is in a party. For items a "corpse" container item is generated and the items that are generated from the loot pools will be placed inside. The corpse has a decay behavior which causes it to disappear after 3 minutes.


Inside your ranvier project

npm run install-bundle https://github.com/RanvierMUD/lootable-npcs


Next you need to configure how the loot pools are loaded. The easiest is YAML. In ranvier.json add the following under entityLoaders

"loot-pools": {
  "source": "Yaml",
  "config": {
    "path": "bundles/[BUNDLE]/areas/[AREA]/loot-pools.yml"

Note: [BUNDLE] and [AREA] are tokens used by the engine, do not replace them with an actual bundle or area name

This will set up the bundle to look for a loot-pools.yml file inside each area folder.

Loot Pools

When configuring an NPC to drop loot in naddition to specific items to drop or you can specify one or more pools of loot to drop from. This lets you do things like have a 'global' loot pool that every npc in the area can drop, or maybe an NPC can drop any of a list of different potions.

Using the configuration above, next to the npcs.yml file for an area we'll create a loot-pools.yml file. This example will be applicable to the NPC defined in the next section:

# each pool has a name and lists the items in that pool and their % drop rate
  - "limbo:potionhealth1": 10
  - "limbo:potionstrength1": 5
  - "limbo:scraps": 50


To make an NPC drop loot give it the lootable behavior and configure it like so:

- id: trainingdummy
  name: "Training Dummy"
  # ...
      # currencies is a list of currencies this npc can possibly drop and the
      # amount range # the currency key is arbitrary so if you want a new
      # currency just add a new key # the key must be formatted_like_this
      # though, for rendering/saving purposes
          min: 10
          max: 20
      # each pool specified can be the name of a pool defined in one of the
      # loot-pools.yml files or a specific `item entityReference: percentage` pair
        - "limbo:junk"
        - "limbo:potions"
        - "limbo:sliceofcheese": 25


When an NPC uses the lootable behavior loot will be generated on the killed event. This is not a core event so you can emit this any time you want. For example, the bundle-example-combat bundle emits killed when an NPC's health attribute is damaged and it is <= 0. But this may be different for your game.