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DevRel Examples (external)

RapidAPI Examples by external developers — curated as is. In this repository you will find projects built using APIs available on the RapidAPI Hub.

Getting Started

Go to RapidAPI Hub and create a free account. RapidAPI is the world's largest API Hub, where over three million developers find, connect, build, and sell tens of thousands of APIs. You can access more than 35,000 APIs using a single API Key.


Note that you should add only the files that are necessary for the application to work properly. That means no separate configuration files for Prettier, ESLint, etc. unless it's necessary for your application to work.

Commit messages

Use the Emoji Log convention for writing new commit messages.

Application structure

Each application resides in its directory. When your changes are ready, submit a pull request against the main branch of this repository.


We prefer Vercel for deployments. When you are deploying your application, ensure that the domain of your deployment starts with rapidapi-example-. For example, if the name of your application is cryptocurrent-app, then your domain should be rapidapi-example-cryptocurrent-app.


Consider formatting your code via Prettier before submitting a pull request.