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Heliotrope - Python binding for Libpurple
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Heliotrope - Python binding for Libpurple

What is Heliotrope?

Heliotrope is a client/server framework for driving Libpurple (the instant messaging engine behind the universal chat client, Pidgin). It allows developers to quickly write custom IM applications in Python, without understanding all of the internals of Libpurple.

Heliotrope supports most of the IM features that one expects from an IM application (eg. sending/receiving messages, custom statuses, multiple IM protocols, file transfers, etc...). It does not yet support IRC, nor Audio/Video features.

What platforms can Heliotrope run on?

Currently, Heliotrope runs on MS Windows XP, Vista and 7. Support for Mac should be coming soon. Patches to make it work on Linux are welcome!

How do I build Heliotrope?

You will need to following tools to build Heliotrope:

On Windows, just adjust the paths in Makefile.mingw and issue:

make -f Makefile.mingw

What is the meaning of "heliotrope"?

The Heliotrope project name came about as an alternative color to "purple". See:

Can I contribute to Heliotrope?

Yes, by all means! If you find bugs or missing features, please join the project and submit patches!

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