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Batch Render Tools

Note: Currently Windows only. An untested 'Linux and OSX Support' branch is available. More info here.

Also, while I have used this add-on on very long renders without any problems, please be advised that you use this at your own risk. I suggest doing a short test render before anything big to make sure it works as you expect it to.


Batch Render Tools is a series of tools to help doing batch renders of single or multiple files in Blender. Batch render tools can render many different files at once, each with their own frame ranges if desired (otherwise it uses the frame range in the target file). Simply add a batch job and browse to the desired blend file, re-order the jobs if you want them rendered in a specific order (render happens from top to bottom) and then press 'Run batch render'. If you want, Blender can now be closed and the render will continue until either it is finished or the Command Prompt Window (which opens when rendering is started) is closed.

If you have a folder of blends and want to quickly add them as jobs then you can use 'Batch jobs from directory' in the 'Additional Tools' menu (shown below) to browse to a folder and generate the batch jobs. Alternatively, also from the 'Additional Tools' menu, you can export the batch jobs as a Windows Batch file (.bat) using the 'Generate .bat file' tool.

Enabling the add-on adds two panels to the 'Render' tab of the 'Properties Editor':

  • Batch Render Tools - The main panel for adding, managing and rendering batch render jobs.
  • Command Prompt Tools - a small panel for quickly opening the command prompt in the Blender installation directory.

Batch Render Tools Panels:

Batch Render Tools Panel: Additional Tools Menu: Command Prompt Tools Panel:
Batch Render Tools Panel Additional Tools Menu Command Prompt Tools Panel

Batch Render Tools Options:

  • Run batch render

    Renders all the batch jobs. The button will be disabled if there are no render jobs or if one or more jobs has an invalid filepath. Blender will not only remain active while rendering, but can be completely closed. To cancel the render close the command prompt window.

  • Hibernate

    Option to hibernate the computer after batch rendering. (Don't know if you have to explicitly enable this in Windows first)

  • Batch jobs summary

    A summary of all the batch jobs: Number of batch jobs, Number of batch jobs set to render, Number of total frames that will be rendered.

  • Add batch render job

    Adds a new batch render job using the current blender file as the filepath (if blend file is saved, otherwise will be blank and display an error).

  • Expand all batch jobs

    Changes the display mode of all batch jobs to 'expanded'.

  • Collapse all batch jobs

    Changes the display mode of all batch jobs to 'collapsed'.

  • Generate .bat file

    Generates a windows Batch file with all the commands necessary to render the batch jobs.

  • Batch jobs from directory

    Loads a directory of blend files as separate batch jobs.

  • Delete all batch jobs

    Deletes all the batch render jobs.

Batch Job Options:

  • Name

    Name of the batch job to identify it. Will use the name of the blend file when using 'Batch jobs from directory'.

  • Render

    Whether or not the batch job will be included in the render. Means you don't have to delete a job (and lose its settings) if you want to temporarily keep a job from rendering.

  • Copy

    Make a copy of the batch job.

  • Move Up/Down

    Re-order the batch jobs. Order affects the render order (top to bottom).

  • Delete

    Delete the batch job.

  • Filepath

    Filepath to the blend to be rendered. By default this will be set to the current blend file (if the blend file is saved, otherwise will be blank and display an error until a valid filepath is supplied).

  • Frame range from file

    Use the frame range set in the target file (specified by 'Filepath') instead of specifying a custom one.

  • Start

    If 'Frame range from file' is disabled you can set which frame to start rendering from.

  • End

    If 'Frame range from file' is disabled you can set which frame to rendering to.

  • Render Options

    An expandable panel containing additional rendering options

    • Output path from file

      Use the output file path set in the target file (specified by 'Filepath') for the rendered image/animation instead of specifying a custom one.

    • Output filepath

      If 'Output path from file is disabled you can set an output path to render to.

Command Prompt Tools Options:

  • Open Command Prompt

    Opens a command prompt window in the blender installation directory.

  • Copy path

    When 'Open Command Prompt' is clicked the path to the current blend file will be copied to the clipboard.

  • Background

    If 'Copy path' is enabled then the background option can be enabled which will mean blender's background command (blender -b) will also be copied to the clipboard. E.g. with this option enabled you will be able to paste this into the newly opened command prompt:

    blender -b "PATHTOBLEND"


A series of tools to help with doing batch renders in Blender.




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