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A library for getting gravatar images in Clojure.
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This is a library to generate Gravatar URLs for a given email. It is extremely simple, consisting of only one function. You give it an email and possibly specify some options, and it'll give you the link to the gravatar for that email or a default image.


Leiningen, of course.

:dependencies [[clavatar "0.2.1"]]

Using the library is extremely simple. Just use the gravatar function. Here are some examples:

clavatar.core> (gravatar "")
clavatar.core> (gravatar "" :size 500)
clavatar.core> (gravatar "" :size 500 :rating :g)
clavatar.core> (gravatar "" :size 500 :rating :r)
clavatar.core> (gravatar "" :default :mm) ;; Sets the default image to mystery man.
clavatar.core> (gravatar "" :default :mm :size 128 :https false)


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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