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A modern version of Fanciful
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A modern version of Fanciful

This library aims to completely replace Fanciful, which sadly has stopped being updated. I figured I'd take a stab at re-creating it, and even making it better.


For those of you using Maven, just add the following to your pom.xml file:


Otherwise, just drag n' drop the single class file into your project.

If you are not yet using Maven, you should be. Really, you should. It's amazing.


This library is extremely easy to use! It uses a nearly identical system as Fanciful. Example:


This creates a simple message saying "Hello!", with red text. Now you might say to yourself, why use this? I can easily make red text and send it to the player! Well my friend, there are many more features. Be patient 😉

Here's a more complicated example, showing the true power of JSONMessage:

JSONMessage.create("Go to the ")
            .then("best website ever!")
              .tooltip("Click to go")

This example creates a message in two parts, one gold, one blue, and gives the second part a tooltip as well as an action! When you click on this, it will open YouTube.

One thing to note about tooltips is that they themselves can actually take a JSONMessage as a parameter:

JSONMessage.create("This has a fancy tooltip!")
              .tooltip(JSONMessage.create("Green text!")
                                  .then("\nUse the newline character to\nadd lines to the tooltip")

You can also make text which runs commands when you click on it:

            .then(" here ")
              .runCommand("/warp spawn")
            .then("to go to spawn")

To send a JSONMessage, it's quite simple:


You can pass as many players as you want into send, meaning you could send this to huge groups of players.

Note: If you don't have the following features then please make sure to download the latest version of the class file

You can now send titles and subtitles too. It's actually very much like send:

JSONMessage.create("I am a title")
            .title(10, 20, 10, player);

Explanation time. What are those numbers? They are quite simply the fadeIn, stay, and fadeOut variables. These control various aspects of the timing of the title, and they're measured in ticks. So for this example it fades in over 0.5 seconds, stays visible for 1 second, then fades out again over 0.5 seconds.

Adding a subtitle to this is just as easy:

JSONMessage.create("I am a title")
            .title(10, 20, 10, player);
JSONMessage.create("A wild subtitle has appeared!")

The only thing to note is that for subtitles you don't pass in times, as that's completely handled by the original title.

Note: If you don't have the following features then please make sure to download the latest version of the class file

Actionbar messages can be sent as well, however there's some oddities with them. They don't use the new JSON format, they actually use the legacy format which uses actual color codes. As such, they don't support click events, hover events, that sort of thing.

There are two ways that JSONMessage allows you to send action bars; a static method:

JSONMessage.actionbar("Hello", player);

To add coloring to this you can use & color codes:

JSONMessage.actionbar("&6I got &ccolors!", player);

The other way to send action bars is by creating a JSONMessage like you normally would and then send it to the player:

JSONMessage.create("I am a title")

This will convert the JSON format to the legacy format and then send it to the player.

If you want to see all the available methods, you can find them just below this.

Methods overview

Method Description
create(String) Creates a new JSONMessage with the given text as a starting point
color(ChatColor) Sets the color of the current message part
style(ChatColor) Adds a style to the current message part
runCommand(String) ClickEvent: Runs the given command
suggestCommand(String) ClickEvent: Suggests the given command by inserting it into the player's chat area
openURL(String) ClickEvent: Opens the given URL
changePage(int) ClickEvent: changes the page of a book to the given page
tooltip(String) HoverEvent: shows the given text
tooltip(JSONMessage) HoverEvent: shows the given JSON as text (works just like the rest of this system)
achievement(String) HoverEvent: shows an achievement with the given ID
then(String) Adds another part to the message
bar(int) Creates a horizontal divider bar of the given length
bar() Creates a horizontal divider bar 53 characters long. This is perfect for the default chat window width
newline() Inserts a newline. It really isn't necessary, you can just use \n if you want
toJSON() Converts the JSONMessage to a JsonObject (Google's Gson library, comes with Bukkit)
toString() Converts the JSONMessage to a String, usable in things like /tellraw. This is an alias of toJSON().toString()
send(Player...) Sends the JSONMessage to one or many players
title(int, int, int, Player...) Sends the JSONMessage as a title to one or many players. Int parameters are fadeIn, stay, and fadeOut
subtitle(Player...) Sends the JSONMessage as a subtitle to one or many players
(static) actionbar(String, Player...) Sends an action-bar message to one or many players
actionbar(Player...) Converts the JSONMessage to the legacy format and sends it to one or many players

Method Notes

  • color(ChatColor) and style(ChatColor) both use ChatColors but require different types. Attempting to pass the wrong type in (e.g. doing style(ChatColor.GREEN), or doing color(ChatColor.BOLD)) will result in an IllegalArgumentException.
  • tooltip(JSONMessage) takes another JSONMessage instance, allowing you to create fancy text for your tooltips.
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