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Aaron2550 commented Oct 27, 2020

What behaviour is expected:

Using the setCookSpeedMultiplier method on a Furnace/BlastFurnace/Smoker should set the actual multiplier. The campfire is missing this method completly.

What behaviour is observed:

The furnace no longer cooks anything and just uses up fuel, thes blastfurnace and smoker do the exact same

Steps/models to reproduce:

Use test code, where block is a Blo

acollierr17 commented Sep 11, 2020

I am proposing to block specific roles from speaking in "bridge" channels defined in the DiscordSRV config. I've noticed that specific users based on their IDs can be blocked, but not roles. An example could be a user with a linked Minecraft account but has been muted in the Discord (user is added to the Muted r

bob7l commented Apr 18, 2020

The email feature is very cool, but sadly lacks the ability to unregister these emails, even through API.

This is very problematic because it means the user cannot ever sell the account or transfer ownership after registering an email.

Another issue is they can't ever remove an unwanted email when they add more then one.

Platinteufel commented Mar 23, 2017

Hey PyvesB,

I had some ideas for new categories in future versions today. A lot of them are official Minecraft statistics.
Would be awesome if you could give me feedback and tell me if you like some of them. ;-)

  • Animals bred (Breeder): The number of times the player bred two mobs. Done.
  • Distance climbed (Tarzan): The total distance traveled up ladders or vines.
  • ~~*

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