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Razor Enhanced 🪒

This repository houses the Razor Enhanced project, a new advanced version derived from Razor, the 2D .NET assistant for Ultima Online ( ).

Curently Requires: .Net Framework 4.8

Performance profiling provided by NProfiler .. many thank for their support of open source developement


Project History

Razor was originally designed by Bryan Pass, known as Zippy in the RunUO community as a replacement to UOAssist. Based on commit notes, active development on Razor ceased some time in the early 2010's with the source code being released in 2014.

The code initially didn't include Crypt.dll and Loader.dll which are required to full integrate with the UO client. At some point, the code for those projects released into the same GitHub repo.

The original project was last updated May 2nd, 2014 and while over 50 forks exist on GitHub, none of them have been active or have made significant changes except for a few exceptions:

  • Jaedan (which this version is based on) who updated the project to compile and work in Visual Studio 2017 and made improvements to Crypt.dll that enabled this project to move forward.
  • SaschaKP who made several performance changes from generic to non-generic collections that I incorporated in the first release.

Razor Enhaced has been developed mainly by Alexdan2 and MagnetoStaff from february 2015 untill january 2019. The actual repo is a fork from that.

Bug Reporting

While the core of Razor Enhanced is to be considered mature and stable, the project it's very active and many new features are currently in beta.

To make sure that your bug report is properly handled, please follow these steps:
1- Open an issue on GitHub.
2- Post the link of the issue in the discord dedicated channel.
( Automation is on the way )

In case you have multiple bugs you want to report, please open one issue for each one, separately. Suggestions are very welcome too.


Contributions are always welcome, feel free to fork the repository and send us a pull request.
If you need an how-to for sending pull requests, try this git workflow tutorial from Aaron Meurer.
We suggest you to reach us on discord so we can discuss your ideas and adjust it to fit the current codebase in a graceful way.