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ReFreezed Bitmap Font converter

This command line program converts a simple custom bitmap font format to AngelCode's BMFont. There is also some basic support for rasterizing TrueType/OpenType fonts.

The ReFreezed Bitmap Font consists of two files: an image with all the glyphs separated by a border, and a text file (descriptor) that specifies what glyphs are in the image (but not any coordinates, unlike BMFont).

Who is this program for?

If you're making bitmap fonts for your game in an image editing program but you don't have a simple way of creating BMFont files, this program could be what you're looking for. There are other programs that focus on rasterizing TrueType fonts into bitmaps - this program however is focusing more on converting a more user-friendly bitmap format to the pretty well-supported BMFont format.

This program was made as a tool for the LÖVE game framework, but if your game engine or framework understands BMFont files (e.g. Unity or MonoGame) then this program may very well be useful for you.

See the full README for more info and documentation, or download the latest release. Also see the examples folder.


$ RbmfConverter.exe fontSources/coolPixelFont.rbmf --outdir fonts

Input image:

input font

Input descriptor:



outlineColor=1 0 .7 .8

# ASCII characters
glyphs= !#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~

# Gamepad icons
icons=hatu hatr hatd hatl
icons=axislu axislr axisld axisll axisru axisrr axisrd axisrl
icons=axisbtnl axisbtnr
icons=xboxa xboxb xboxx xboxy xboxlb xboxrb xboxlt xboxrt xboxback xboxstart
icons=pst psc psx pss psl1 psr1 psl2 psr2 psselect psstart

# Small letters:          acemnorsuvwxz
# Tall lowercase letters: bdfhiklt
# Low letters:            gpqy
# Low+tall letters:       j

# f
forward=f acdefgmnopqrsuvwxyz.,_ -1

# P
forward=P .,_ -1

# T
bothways=T acemnorsuvwxzgpqy.,_ -1
forward=Lbhkt T d -1

# Vv
bothways=Vv .,_ -1

# Other
forward=r a -1

Output image:

output font

Output descriptor:

info face="" size=10 bold=0 italic=0 charset="" unicode=1 stretchH=100 smooth=0 aa=0 padding=1,1,1,1 spacing=0,0 outline=0 CUSTOM_lineHeight=1.2
common lineHeight=10 base=10 scaleW=150 scaleH=68 pages=1 packed=0 alphaChnl=0 redChnl=0 greenChnl=0 blueChnl=0
page id=0 file="coolPixelFont_0.png"
chars count=129
char id=36 x=0 y=0 width=7 height=12 xoffset=0 yoffset=0 xadvance=6 page=0 chnl=15
char id=47 x=7 y=0 width=6 height=12 xoffset=0 yoffset=0 xadvance=5 page=0 chnl=15
char id=92 x=13 y=0 width=6 height=12 xoffset=0 yoffset=0 xadvance=5 page=0 chnl=15
char id=95 x=25 y=62 width=6 height=3 xoffset=0 yoffset=9 xadvance=5 page=0 chnl=15
char id=46 x=31 y=62 width=3 height=3 xoffset=0 yoffset=8 xadvance=3 page=0 chnl=15
char id=32 x=0 y=0 width=0 height=0 xoffset=0 yoffset=0 xadvance=4 page=0 chnl=15
kernings count=84
kerning first=44 second=84 amount=-1
kerning first=44 second=86 amount=-1
kerning first=44 second=118 amount=-1
kerning first=120 second=84 amount=-1
kerning first=121 second=84 amount=-1
kerning first=122 second=84 amount=-1

Note that XML files can also be exported.