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NSIS plugin that allows one to detect if particular .Net framework is installed on the computer and download/install one if it is not found.
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.NET Framework Checker NSIS plugin

The .NET Framework Checker NSIS plugin is used to detect if the required .NET Framework is installed and if it is not - plugin will download and install the required package. The plugin's C++ source code is based on the work of Aaron Stebner.


  • bin - compiled NSIS plugin (ready-to-use)
  • plugin - contains source code for building DotNetChecker plugin in Visual Studio 2010
  • nsis - contains CheckNetFramework macros (DotNetChecker.nsh) and example NSIS installation file


All Users

  1. Copy DotNetChecker.dll to NSIS plugins directory (usually C:\Program Files\Nsis\Plugins\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Nsis\Plugins\)
  2. Add to your installer project DotNetChecker.nsh file
  3. Reference DotNetChecker.nsh in your main NSI file like this: !include "DotNetChecker.nsh"
  4. Insert macros with the version of required .NET framework.


  1. Copy the whole project in to the same folder as your NSIS Script.
  2. Refrence the Plugin DLL like this: !addplugindir "NsisDotNetChecker\bin"
  3. Reference DotNetChecker.nsh in your main NSI file like this: !include "NsisDotNetChecker\nsis\DotNetChecker.nsh"


The Plugin and its Macro can be invoked by any Function or within any Section of the NSI script.

.NET 4.7.2

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 472

.NET 4.7.1

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 471

.NET 4.7

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 47

.NET 4.6.2

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 462

.NET 4.6.1

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 461

.NET 4.6

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 46

.NET 4.5.2

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 452 

.NET 4.5.1

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 451 

.NET 4.5

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 45

.NET 4.0 Client

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 40Client

.NET 4. Full

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 40Full

.NET 3.5

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 35 ; if your application targets .NET 3.5 Framework

.NET 3.0

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 30 ; if your application targets .NET 3.0 Framework

.NET 2.0

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 20 ; if your application targets .NET 2.0 Framework

.NET 1.1

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 11 ; if your application targets .NET 1.1 Framework

.NET 1.0

!insertmacro CheckNetFramework 10 ; if your application targets .NET 1.0 Framework

NB: Script will download .NET 3.5 for both .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 requirements. The same rule applies to .NET 1.1 and .NET 1.0. If you want to change this behavior - feel free to edit DotNetChecker.nsh.

NB2: Plugin is also capable of detecting Framework Service Pack Level. To use this functionality, just call one of the corresponding functions (i.e. DotNetChecker::GetDotNet11ServicePack).

The return value (Pop $0) will be:

  • -2 if framework is not installed

  • -1 if no service pack installed for this framework

  • some positive int value otherwise

NB3: Plugin works not only in UNICODE but also in ANSI scripts.

NB4: The plugin can be called more than once for installing two (or more) different versions of framework.

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