An alternative Bridge between Subversion and Gemini written in Ruby
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This script can used primarily for interop functionality between Subversion and CounterSoft Gemini, for delivering GNU/Linux and possibly other platform compatibility

It uses a YAML file for loading information, typically stored in the hooks folder, together with this script. The YAML file should have four specific entries:

  • username: Containing the proxy username for subversion in Gemini
  • password or api: Either the password or the api key generated by Gemini
  • url: The url of the Gemini server, accepting both http as well as https
  • Optional svn_remote_url: The remote url of subversion used by normal clients

Within the post-hook an entry should be added similar to:

"$REPOS"/hooks/svngeminibridge "$1" "$2"

Make sure that the execute bit is set


  • Access to the /tmp path
  • The svn command should be in the path
  • The svngeminibridge.yaml file should be accessible