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A fuzzy receipt parser written in Python

This is a fuzzy receipt parser written in Python. It extracts information like the shop, the date, and the total from scanned receipts. It can work as a standalone script or as part of our IOS and Android application.


The receipt-parser-core library depend on imagemagick. Please install imagemagick with your favorite package manager.


To convert all images from the data/img/ folder to text using tesseract and parse the resulting text files, run

make run


A Dockerfile is available with all dependencies needed to run the program.
To build the image, run

make docker-build

To run it on the sample files, try

make docker-run

By default, running the image will execute the make run command. To use with your own images, run the following:

docker run -v <path_to_input_images>:/app/data/img mre0/receipt_parser


This project started as a hackathon idea. Read more about it on the trivago techblog. Also read the comments on HackerNews There's also a talk about the project. The library is now available at PyPi.