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pyramid_formalchemy twitter bootstrap support
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Bootstrap style <select>s and optional better renderers for relations
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This library packages twitter bootstrap for pyramid_formalchemy using js.bootstrap.

It's right now in early development stage so you should know what you are doing. However most of the pyramid_formalchemy views/functionalites should be properly wrap with js.bootstrap.

What you can get is:


fa.bootstrap also provides a paster template. It can be used to to create a new project. If you create a new project, you must first install fa.bootstrap in your python environment, either with pip:

$ pip install fa.bootstrap

or with easy_install:

$ easy_install fa.bootstrap

Then you should be able to run:

$ paster create -t pyramid_fa_bootstrap myapp

and start your application by:

$ cd myapp
$ python develop
$ paster serve development.ini

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