Component used to manage custom list of values used in metadata forms.
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Alfresco Listmanager

This addon provides a way to manage list of values to be used in alfresco metadata forms. The model provided constraints are not always suitable to use. Sometimes you just want to pick a value from a list without constraining anything. In addition there is no need to restart Alfresco after editing the lists (which is the case when using contraints).


Marcus Cedergren,

Erik Billerby


Bertrand Forest

Getting started



This extension was created with the [Alfresco Maven SDK](https://arti and compiles against Alfresco Community 4.2.c. It has also been tested with:

  • Alfresco Community 5.2.e
  • Alfresco Enterprise 5.2.4


The project uses Maven for building.

Clone the source, enter the directory and execute

mvn clean install

to build and install the artifact in your local Maven repository.

The output is one amp-file to be installed into the repository part of your Alfresco installation and one jar-file that is needed by Alfresco Share.

Declare those as dependencies in your artifacts (if you are using the Maven SDK), For Share:


For the Repository:


Don't forget to add it as an overlay in the maven-war-plugin configuration as well:


or, otherwise drop the jar-file in to tomcat/shared/classes of your installation and install the amp with the mmt-tool.


When correctly installed a new GUI can be found in the Admin console part of Alfresco Share Application Settings -> List Manager.


To make use of the values from one list, use the customselectone.ftl form control supplied like this:

<field id="ac:changeRequestStatus">
		<control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/customselectone.ftl">
			<control-param name="listboxname">changeRequest_status</control-param>

Where "changeRequest_status" is the name of a list containing all change request statuses that our listbox should contain.


Issue Management

If you want to report a bug please create a new issue


Contributions are welcome. Clone the project, implement the change/feature and submit to github pull request.