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.NET MAUI Check tool


To install:

dotnet tool install -g Redth.Net.Maui.Check

To run:



If you run into problems with maui-check, you should generally try the following:

  1. Update the tool to the latest version: dotnet tool update -g --source
  2. Run with maui-check --force-dotnet to ensure the workload repair/update/install commands run regardless of if maui-check thinks the workload versions look good
  3. If you have errors still, it may help to run the Clean-Old-DotNet6-Previews.ps1 script to remove old SDK Packs, templates, or otherwise old cached preview files that might be causing the problem. Try running maui-check --force-dotnet again after this step.
  4. Finally, if you have problems, run with --verbose flag and capture the output and add it to a new issue.

Command line arguments

-m <FILE_OR_URL>, --manifest <FILE_OR_URL> Manifest File or Url

Manifest files are currently used by the doctor to fetch the latest versions and requirements. The manifest is hosted by default at: Use this option to specify an alternative file path or URL to use.

maui-check --manifest /some/other/file

-f, --fix Fix without prompt

You can try using the --fix argument to automatically enable solutions to run without being prompted.

maui-check --fix

-n, --non-interactive Non-Interactive

If you're running on CI you may want to run without any required input with the --non-interactive argument. You can combine this with --fix to automatically fix without prompting.

maui-check --non-interactive

--preview Preview Manifest feed

This uses a more frequently updated manifest with newer versions of things more often. The manifest is hosted by default at:

maui-check --preview

--ci Continuous Integration

Uses the dotnet-install powershell / bash scripts for installing the dotnet SDK version from the manifest instead of the global installer.

maui-check --ci

-s <ID_OR_NAME>, --skip <ID_OR_NAME> Skip Checkup

Skips a checkup by name or id as listed in maui-check list. NOTE: If there are any other checkups which depend on a skipped checkup, they will be skipped too.

maui-check --skip openjdk --skip androidsdk

list List Checkups

Lists possible checkups in the format: checkup_id (checkup_name). These can be used to specify --skip checkup_id, -s checkup_name arguments.

config Configure global.json and NuGet.config in Working Dir

This allows you to quickly synchronize your global.json and/or NuGet.config in the current working directory to utilize the values specified in the manifest.


  • --dotnet or --dotnet-version: Use the SDK version in the manifest in global.json.
  • --dotnet-pre true|false: Change the allowPrerelease value in the global.json.
  • --dotnet-rollForward <OPTION>: Change the rollForward value in global.json to one of the allowed values specified.
  • --nuget or --nuget-sources: Adds the nuget sources specified in the manifest to the NuGet.config and creates the file if needed.


maui-check config --dev --nuget-sources --dotnet-version --dotnet-pre true