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Basic framework for D3D11 init, model/texture loading, camera movement, etc.


  • #include <framework.h>
  • Link with framework.lib, or just add framework.vcxproj to your solution and reference it
  • Also link with d3d11.lib, dxgi.lib, and xinput_9_1_0.lib (or the newer xinput1_4.dll)

Current features:

  • Asset compilation system for pre-processing graphics data into an engine-friendly format
    • Compiles meshes from .obj format; also parses .mtl materials
    • Compiles textures from any format stb_image supports, resampling to power-of-two size and generating mipmaps
    • Stores compiled data in an asset pack in .zip format for easy distribution
    • Identifies out-of-date assets by timestamp or file format version number, and recompiles only out-of-date or missing ones
  • COM smart pointer—handles COM reference counting while being mostly transparent
  • D3D11 window class—handles window creation, D3D11 init, message loop, resizing, etc.
  • Functions for blitting textures
  • Function for drawing a full-screen triangle
  • Common D3D11 state objects—rasterizer, depth/stencil, blend, sampler
  • D3D11 constant buffer class
  • D3D11 texture classes: 2D, cubemap, 3D
  • D3D11 render target class
  • D3D11 mesh class
  • Texture and material library classes: map string names to textures/materials stored in an asset pack
  • Mipmap size calculations
  • Camera classes—FPS-style and Maya-style, and object hierarchy for adding more
  • CPU timer—smooths timestep for stability; also tracks total time since startup
  • GPU profiler—manages queries, buffers a few frames, and smooths the results

Todo list (in no particular order):

  • Debug line rendering
  • AntTweakBar integration / extensions
  • Console for displaying realtime errors/warnings without stopping the world
  • Video memory usage prediction/tracking
  • Shader compilation framework
  • Scene rendering framework, supporting multiple objects/materials, etc.
  • Postprocessing framework
  • Multicore asset compilation
  • Async asset loading
  • Better input system; gamepad support
  • Screenshotting—both LDR and HDR
  • Multi-monitor and multi-GPU awareness
  • GPU clock speed monitoring à la GPU-Z
  • OpenGL & cross-platform support


Basic framework for D3D11 init, model/texture loading, shader compilation and camera movement.






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