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nginx-uuid4-module is a nginx module to generate version-4 UUIDs.
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nginx-uuid4-module provides a directive to set version-4 UUIDs for variables.

This module randomly generates UUID by Mersenne twister. You can use the UUID as an unique identifier for an HTTP request.

NOTE: You should not treat these UUIDs as secret credentials because an attacker can predict subsequent UUIDs by observing past UUIDs.

Example configuration

http {
    # Set a random UUID to $request_id.
    uuid4 $request_id;
    # Output the $request_id to our access log.
    log_format combined "$remote_addr ... $http_user_agent $request_id";

In this example, $request_id contains a UUID string such as b4c3a954-8403-4da2-9f7a-aecc9a98b28f.



Syntax: uuid4 VARIABLE
Context: http, server, location

Generates a version-4 UUID and assigns it to the specified variable.


Specify --add-module=/path/to/nginx-uuid4-module when you run ./configure.


./configure --add-module=/path/to/nginx-uuid4-module
make install

If you want to add this module as a dynamic module, specify --add-dynamic-module=/path/to/nginx-uuid4-module instead.


  • nginx-uuid4-module is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License.
  • Mersenne twister (mt19937) is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.
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