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This is the release repository for Fan Control, a highly customizable fan controlling software for Windows.


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Fan Control

This is the release repository for Fan Control, a focused and highly customizable fan controlling software for Windows.
Sources for this software are closed.

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  • AMD GPU support through the ADLX plugin. Now actively tested and developped by Rem0o.
  • Fan calibration and RPM mode for fan curves. See discussion.
  • Installer now available in addition to the portable version of the application. Both .NET 4.8 and 8.0 versions of the application are available as such here.


  1. Download the latest archive or an installer from the release page.
  2. Extract to the desired installation folder or run the installer
  3. Start FanControl.exe
  4. (Optional) -c or --config [json config file] command line arg

Install with Scoop

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install fancontrol

Install with Winget

winget install Rem0o.FanControl


Featured On

JayzTwoCents - Everyone NEEDS this FREE piece of software... You will thank me!

JayzTwoCents - Everyone NEEDS this FREE piece of software... You will thank me!

Main features

  • Guided setup process on first launch
  • Save, edit and load multiple profiles
  • Change the theme and color of the application.
  • Multiple temperature sources ( CPU, GPU, motherboard, hard drives... )
  • Multiple fan curve functions, including a custom graph
  • Mix fan curves or sensor togethers (max, min, average)
  • Low resource usage
  • Advanced tuning with steps, start %, stop %, response time and hysteresis

Fan Control



You can leave the files there for use further down the line, or delete them. Note: If you have Fan Control set to automatically start with Windows, either untick the checkbox in Fan Control, or manually delete the "Fan Control" task in Windows Task Scheduler.


Uninstall like any other windows program through the programs list


The plugin system let you inject any type of sensor into FanControl, see Plugins wiki

Plugin Installation

From the community (notify me if I'm missing some):

From Rem0o

Issues and hardware compatibility

  • I am not the main developer for the driver/backend portion of this software. Fan Control is basically a UI on top of existing hardware libraries. Any issue regarding hardware compatibility entirely depends on the following projects. If you can't contribute meaningfully with a branch/PR, don't pollute their issue page with "XXXXX doesn't work". The hardware is needed for testing. If a dev has interest in that project, is browsing it, has your specific hardware AND the knowledge to make it work, that dev won't be looking for your issue, he'll just raise a PR.

  • Please only open issues on this repository for the software itself, UI, feature request and so on. If it's a "make this work please" hardware support request, I will link this section of the README and close your issue.

  • If you do have a special hardware compatibility request and you can provide a working sample of code that can be used in .NET, like with a Plugin, then feel free to submit that.


  • Q: What settings should I set in my BIOS to play along nicely with FanControl?
    A: You want to avoid any "smart" control from your BIOS. Setting a fixed default speed, like 50%, works great for most people. Also keep an eye if your BIOS has PWM or DC mode on. One could work better for you depending on your setup.
  • Q: My Nvidia cards has X fans, but only two cards show up, why?
    A: Your card only has 2 channels, more than 1 fan are plugged to the same channel.
  • Q: My Nvidia cards won't go below 30% and doesn't go to 0 RPM, why?
    A: See here
  • Q: My new AMD card can't be controlled, why?
    A: Newer AMD cards are not supported by LHM, but support is available through ADLX plugin. This plugin will be ported to the main application at some point, either through LHM or directly like NvAPIWrapper.
  • Q: There is no control cards / control cards are missing / control cards are not changing my fan speeds, what's the issue?
    A: See Issues and hardware compatibility.
  • Q: How does [FAN CURVE TYPE] works and what does its parameters do?
    A: Click on its card's icon at the top left, a dialog will tell you.
  • Q: Does it run on my OS?
    A: If your OS is Windows 10 Or 11, yes.

Graph fan curve editor

  • (NEW) Change the temperature range for finer control over a small range
  • Add, remove and drag points arround the graph
  • Copy and paste points from a graph to another
  • Fine-tune the response with the hysteresis and response time parameters

Fan Control

Libraries used: