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Here's our entry for the Remedy Entertainment 48 hour Game Jam!
The theme was 'Moustache'. Check it out, have fun!


Windows binaries can be found in the Download section.

Building instructions:

This game was written in the D programming language, running on the Mount Fuji Engine!
This was developed on Windows using Visual Studio 2010, but will also run on Linux, and many console and mobile platforms (build scripts not [yet] provided...)

To build under Windows:

You need D2 installed (http://dlang.org/download.html)
And Visual-D if you are using Visual Studio (http://www.dsource.org/projects/visuald)

Clone the repo.
Using 'Git Bash', enter the Stache/ directory and do:

git submodule update --init
cd Fuji
git checkout master
cd ../Fuji-D
git checkout stache

Now go back to the Stache/Fuji/ directory. Run create_project.bat; you will be prompted to choose your build environment (we used vs2010).
Go into the Stache/Stache/ directory, load the solution, and you should be good to go!

To build under Linux:

I haven't yet finished a nice Linux build script, but if you want to try building it manually, here are the basic directions:

git clone https://github.com/RemedyGameJam/stache.git --recursive
cd stache/Fuji
git checkout master
make config=debug
sudo dist/bin/premake4 install
cd ../Stache

Now here's the problem point; premake4's D support seems to have a bug that shows with my project, which I haven't fixed yet.
You can either:

  • Roll yourself a makefile; include all .d files under source, and also all .d files under ../Fuji-D/fuji/, you must also supply -I../Fuji-D
  • Do: ../Fuji/dist/bin/premake4 monodevelop to generate a MonoDevelop project. You need to have the Mono-D plugin for monodevelop installed. This will generate a working project that should just build and run (this is what I do).

premake4 support for gmake is important to make a simple buildscript, I'll work on this when I have some time.

Note: Building Fuji-debug is optional, if you want to use the -debug build with symbols, you'll need to update the lib it links in the Stache project.
Fuji's install script will copy the headers+libs into /usr/local/include/Fuji and /usr/local/lib.

Halp! The version in the Downloads page doesn't work!

Then you've probably got the DirectX SDK version the game was built with installed. Go in to the /bin folder and delete d3dx11_43.dll. If that still doesn't work, delete xinput1_3.dll as well.

How To Play

Simple - beat everyone else up until they're dead! And even then, you could probably beat them so more. There's no such thing as too big a beatdown, right?

Each of the four combatants have three basic moves - light, heavy, and special attacks - of varying intensities. The Hulkster is a fairly mid-range character. Magnum P.I. gets damage bonuses when attacking from the front. Great Dictator will do signifcant damage from the front, but almost no damage from behind. And Freddy Mercury? Well, he does twice or more the amount of damage from behind. Attack speeds are also a factor - Great Dictator's Great HEIL!!! will cause damage immediately but leave you vunerable for over a second and a half; The Hulkster's Clothesline move takes a bit to charge up and a bit longer to cool down; while Freddy's Stage Hand Backhand is very quick.

When the time expires or when there's only one guy left standing, the round is over. Pai Mei will then tell you how good/rubbish you've been, and the game will restart.


The game supports up to four Xbox Controllers for Windows; and two players on keyboard. Controllers are allocated to combatants first, and when there are no more controllers keyboard sets are allocated.

Xbox Controller for Windows controls:

  • Movement - Left stick
  • Light Attack - A
  • Heavy Attack - B
  • Special Attack - Y
  • Block - X

Keyboard set 1:

  • Movement - W, S, A, D
  • Light Attack - G
  • Heavy Attack - H
  • Special Attack - J
  • Block - Y

Keyboard set 2:

  • Movement - Arrow keys
  • Light Attack - Numpad 4
  • Heavy Attack - Numpad 5
  • Special Attack - Numpad 6
  • Block - Numpad 8

Have fun!