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Releases: RenderKit/embree

Embree v4.3.1

12 Feb 13:05
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  • Add missing EMBREE_GEOMETRY types to embree-config.cmake
  • User defined thread count now takes precedence for internal task scheduler
  • Fixed static linking issue with ze_wrapper library
  • Better error reporting for SYCL platform and driver problems in embree_info and tutorial apps.
  • Patch to glfw source is not applied by default anymore.
  • Known issue: Running Embree on Intel® Data Center GPU Max Series with 2 tiles (e.g. Intel® Data Center GPU Max 1550) requires setting the environment variable ZE_FLAT_DEVICE_HIERARCHY=COMPOSITE.
  • Known issue: Embree build using Apple Clang 15 and ARM support (via the SEE2NEON library) may cause "EXEC_BAD_INSTRUCTION" runtime exceptions. Please use Apple Clang <= 14 on macOS.

Embree v4.3.0

27 Sep 19:11
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  • Added instance array primitive for reducing memony requirements in scenes
    with large amounts of similar instances.
  • Properly checks driver if L0 RTAS extension can get loaded.
  • Added varying version of rtcGetGeometryTransform for ISPC.
  • Fixed signature of RTCMemoryMonitorFunction for ISPC.
  • Add support for ARM64 Windows platform in CMake.

Embree v4.2.0

01 Aug 05:35
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  • SYCL version of Embree with GPU support is no longer in beta phase.
  • Improved BVH build performance on many core machines for applications that oversubscribe threads.
  • Added rtcGetGeometryTransformFromScene API function that can get used inside SYCL kernels.
  • No longer linking to ze_loader in SYCL mode to avoid Intel(R) oneAPI Level Zero dependency for CPU rendering.
  • Releasing test package to test Embree.

Embree v4.1.0

11 May 17:08
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  • Added support for Intel® Data Center GPU Max Series.
  • Added ARM64 Linux support.
  • Added EMBREE_BACKFACE_CULLING_SPHERES cmake option. The new cmake option defaults to OFF.

Embree v4.0.1 Release

09 Mar 20:20
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  • Improved performance for Tiger Lake, Comet Lake, Cannon Lake, Kaby Lake, and Skylake client CPUs by using 256 bit SIMD instructions by default.
  • Fixed broken motion blur of RTC_GEOMETRY_TYPE_ROUND_LINEAR_CURVE geometry type.
  • Fixed bvh build retry issue for TBB 2020.3
  • Added support for Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series
  • Fixed issue on systems without a SYCL platform.

Embree v4.0.0 Release

08 Feb 07:32
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  • This Embree release adds support for Intel® Arc™ GPUs through SYCL.
  • The SYCL support of Embree is in beta phase. Current functionality, quality,
    and GPU performance may not reflect that of the final product. Please read the
    documentation section "Embree SYCL Known Issues" for known limitations.
  • Embree CPU support in this release as at Gold level, incorporating the same quality
    and performance as previous releases.
  • A small number of API changes were required to get optimal experience and
    performance on the CPU and GPU. See documentation section "Upgrading from Embree 3 to
    Embree 4" for details.
  • rtcIntersect and rtcOccluded function arguments changed slightly.
  • RTCIntersectContext is renamed to RTCRayQuery context and most members moved to
    new RTCIntersectArguments and RTCOccludedArguments structures.
  • rtcFilterIntersection and rtcFilterOcclusion API calls got replaced by
    rtcInvokeIntersectFilterFromGeometry and rtcInvokeOccludedFilterFromGeometry API calls.
  • rtcSetGeometryEnableFilterFunctionFromArguments enables argument filter functions for some geometry.
  • RTC_RAY_QUERY_FLAG_INVOKE_ARGUMENT_FILTER ray query flag enables argument filter functions for each geometry.
  • User geometry callbacks have to return if a valid hit was found.
  • Ray masking is enabled by default now as required by most users.
  • The default ray mask for geometries got changed from 0xFFFFFFFF to 0x1.
  • Removed ray stream API as rarely used with minimal performance benefits over packet tracing.
  • Introduced rtcForwardIntersect/rtcForwardOccluded API calls to trace tail recursive rays from user geometry callback.
  • The rtcGetGeometryUserDataFromScene API call got added to be used in SYCL code.
  • Added support for user geometry callback function pointer passed through ray query context
  • Feature flags enable reducing code complexity for optimal performance on the GPU.
  • Fixed compilation issues for ARM AArch64 processor under Linux.
  • Setting default frequency level to SIMD256 for ARM on all platforms.
    This allows using double pumped NEON execution by enabling EMBREE_ISA_NEON2X in cmake under Linux.
  • Fixed missing end caps of motion blurred line segments.
  • EMBREE_ISPC_SUPPORT is turned OFF by default.
  • Embree drops support of the deprecated Intel(R) Compiler. It is replaced by
    the Intel(R) oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler on Windows and Linux and the
    Intel(R) C++ Classic Compiler on MacOS (latest tested versions is 2023.0.0).

Embree v3.13.5 Release

14 Sep 05:14
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  • Fixed bug in bounding flat Catmull Rom curves of subdivision level 4.
  • Improved self intersection avoidance for RTC_GEOMETRY_TYPE_DISC_POINT geometry type. Intersections are skipped if the ray origin lies inside the sphere defined by the point primitive. Self intersection avoidance can get disabled at compile time using the EMBREE_DISC_POINT_SELF_INTERSECTION_AVOIDANCE cmake option.
  • Fixed spatial splitting for non-planar quads.

Embree v3.13.4 Release

22 Jun 09:49
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  • Using 8-wide BVH and double pumped NEON instructions on Apple M1 gives 8% performance boost.
  • Fixed binning related crash in SAH BVH builder.
  • Added EMBREE_TBB_COMPONENT cmake option to define the component/library name of Intel® TBB (default: tbb).
  • Embree supports now Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler 2022.0.0

Embree v3.13.3 Release

11 Feb 09:35
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  • Invalid multi segment motion blurred normal oriented curves are properly excluded from BVH build.
  • Fixing issue with normal oriented curve construction when center curve curvature is very large.
    Due to this change normal oriented curve shape changes slightly.
  • Fixed crash caused by disabling a geometry and then detaching it from the scene.
  • Bugfix in emulated ray packet intersection when EMBREE_RAY_PACKETS is turned off.
  • Bugfix for linear quaternion interpolation fallback.
  • Fixed issues with spaces in path to Embree build folder.
  • Some fixes to compile Embree in SSE mode using WebAssembly.
  • Bugfix for occlusion rays with grids and ray packets.
  • We do no longer provide installers for Windows and macOS, please use the ZIP files instead.
  • Upgrading to Intel® ISPC 1.17.0 for release build.
  • Upgrading to Intel® oneTBB 2021.5.0 for release build.

Embree v3.13.2 Release

29 Oct 09:45
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  • Avoiding spatial split positions that are slightly out of geometry bounds.
  • Introduced rtcGetGeometryThreadSafe function, which is a thread safe version of rtcGetGeometry.
  • Using more accurate rcp implementation.
  • Bugfix to rare corner case of high quality BVH builder.