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Reo Live

This project aims at compiling a set of Java/Scala based Reo related tools, using a web frontend to interact with them. A snapshot of Reo Live can be found in https://reolanguage.github.io/ReoLive/snapshot.

It uses ScalaJS to generate JavaScript, and imports independent Reo related tools using git submodules feature.

How to compile local javascript and try-out

  • Pull the git submodules:

git submodule update --init

  • Generate the JavaScript code using sbt:

sbt localJS/fastOptJS

  • Open the index-dev.html file, already linking to the generated JavaScript code:

open localJS/src/main/resources/index-dev.html

How to compile client-server project and try-out

  • Compile files using the script:


  • Start the server using sbt:

sbt server/run

  • Open a browser and type: