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This repo contains an example and a Getting Started Project for RepCamp's C# SDK. The objective is to get familiar with the SDK and to provide, a proposal of an architecture for synchronizer application. With the help of the SDK you will be able to retrieve the data from whatever source you have (ERP, CRM, E-Commerce, etc.) and upload it smoothly to your account at

What is RepCamp?

RepCamp is a powerful Mobile Application that provides the Sales Representatives with all the information needed to carry out a productive and comprehensive Commercial Management. Apart from having all the customer information in a single Dashboard -georeferencing, statistics, orders, etc.- you’ll be able to show an elegant Product Catalog by categories and brands, with spceial prices, promotions, images, etc. so you can make Orders on the spot, without further delay, instantly closing business deals wherever you are. RepCamp is powered by Kriter Software, founded in 1989, who has been manufacturing management software and providing business solutions for huge variety of companies.

Partner Program

Join the Partner Program to earn client revenue, discover how here. And access exclusive developer resources here.

What does the RepCamp SDK includes?

  • A set of platform Objects that RepCamp has such as: Customers, Products, Categories, PriceLists, etc.
  • A REST Services interface so you forget about http calls and focus on transffering back and forth the data.
  • A Main Controller: The RepCampAPI is the main cantroller wich you will be using for authenticating and centralizing the API calls.

RepCamp C# SDK Installation

For now there is a beta version of the sdk available in the downloads section of Once the stable version is finished you will be able to reference it as a NuGet package.


The SDK uses the well known RestSharp library to parse and send/recieve data of an from the Rest services that RepCamp provides.

Lets Code!

  • Instantiate the main RepCamp SDK controller
RepCampAPI repcampAPI = new RepCampAPI();
  • Specify API data to start up the authentication.
APIData apidata = new APIData(
      "password", //Sha1
      "apiversion" //Just hardcode the version, for now is "v1"
  • Set API data to the SDK
  • Authenticate your self, just to test the API key out.
if (repcampAPI.authenticateMe()) Console.WriteLine("Authentication ----------- OK");
else Console.WriteLine("Authentication ----------- FAILED");


  • Create a Customer
Customer customer = new Customer();
//Set all necessary atributes
customer.code = "CT0001";
customer.fiscal_name = "Kriter Software, S.L.";
customer.comercial_name = "Kriter Software";
customer.vat_number = "D58709832";
customer.telephone = "+34 937575997";
customer.telephone_2 = ""; = "";
customer.address = "Pablo Iglesias 63";
customer.address_2 = "PB L1"; = "Mataró"; = "08302";
customer.state = "Barcelona (BCN)"; = "SPAIN";
customer.latitude = new Decimal(41.531395);
customer.longitude = new Decimal(2.43232);
customer.payment_method = "Bank Transfer 30 days"; = new Decimal(10);
customer.description = "This is just a comment area";
customer.status = (short) 1;
customer.pricelist = "01";
customer.language = "en";
  • Upload it and handle the response
GenericResponse resp =  repcampAPI.addCustomer(code);

if(resp.singleResponse != null)
    if(resp.singleResponse.error != null)
        Console.WriteLine("Failed to add customer: (CODE) " + code + " Error: " + resp.singleResponse.error);

Query RepCamp to obtain its data

List<String> criteria = new List<String>();

List<Customer> customerslist = repcampAPI.getCustomers(criteria, 0, 1);

foreach (Customer customer in customerslist) Console.WriteLine(customer.ToString());