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Mark Yoon and others added some commits Sep 23, 2010
Mark Yoon adjustments for rails 3 engine, railties, assets, routes, and generators c0ec24f
Mark Yoon results controller should use survey code in route c4112fa
Aditya Sanghi Updating engine settings. Closes #82. Thanks asanghi. fec80f8
Mark Yoon updating README for rails 3 style c760d0e
Mark Yoon adjusting results routes. closes #80. c3619a3
Mark Yoon updating results views and controller for new paths 14dde9e
Mark Yoon no longer a plugin in rails 3 46b1025
Mark Yoon updated date on license fcb1255
Mark Yoon merging to keep up with master. no actual changes 6723e78
Mark Yoon merging translation, basic results fix f866914
Mark Yoon porting over formtastic, updates from master branch 0503418
Mark Yoon rails 3 testbed 5ef7acb
Mark Yoon ignore testbed 386f104
Mark Yoon rails 3 mods for surveyor setup d243b2c
Mark Yoon fixing specs f507c3e
Mark Yoon don't double load rake tasks a422c19
Mark Yoon removing show view spec for now 9bdc811
Mark Yoon added dump rake task. thanks bnadav. closes #100 e348e52
Mark Yoon tweak to check hudson cucumber issue 90f1398
Mark Yoon fixing typo in specs. fixing cucumber on hudson due to residual objec…
…ts in db from specs
Mark Yoon require formtastic. 0d9c5d0
Mark Yoon changing deprecated syntax for rails 3 901478e
Mark Yoon more rails 3 syntax - html_safe and routing 187301a
Mark Yoon capybara for rails 3 fd24d08
Mark Yoon fixing default values to only appear when response is blank f1aee56
Mark Yoon fixing feature, section menu doens't appear until three sections exist 25c4bfb
Mark Yoon test dependency issues. closes #73 309f224
Mark Yoon support correct answers for quizes through dsl. closes #105 bd9dd5d
Mark Yoon quiz example 60aa59d
Mark Yoon hide dependent questions. update to readme for customizing surveyor. …
…closes #106
Mark Yoon vaid rails3 branch gemspec. closes #108 20ebb97
Mark Yoon catching up with master - thanks bnadav 413db03
Mark Yoon typo in custom generator. closes #109 b79b8ed
@jdzak jdzak Adding the custom_class attribute to text answer fields. Fixes #113. be0a226
Mark Yoon add authenticity token into ajax requests. closes #120 19db71d
Mark Yoon hide labels on checkbox grids too. closes #121. thanks jdzak bc182a6
Mark Yoon adding checkbox grid to kitchen sink 7de0a8d
Mark Yoon add support for question reference syntax in redcap parser. closes #124 a95169e
@ignu ignu Adding formtastic dependency to gemspec and edited README edcdaf6
Mark Yoon making the formtastic dependency permanent via rakefile 6b37e32
@jdzak jdzak Added a conditional question group to the kitchen sink survey. 888b294
@jdzak jdzak Updated method to get unanswered dependencies within ResultSet to als…
…o return question groups.
@jdzak jdzak Saving response set completion time when a survey is finished. bac06e0
Mark Yoon merging jdzak: Fixed pick one and pick any not saving when an answer …
…of type string exists within the options.
Mark Yoon Merged jdzak: Fixed problem with dropdowns inside of repeaters appear…
…ing as radio buttons.
@Reprazent Changed to return the survey when parsed 4c5f179
@Reprazent Include the methods every time so they don't have to be reloaded afte…
…r parsing (Classes aren't reloaded in production)
@Reprazent Check if there is an answer id bc59f89
Mark Yoon add api ids 1f0c476
@ignu ignu stop survey titles from appending '1' to itself when calling update a…
Mark Yoon new surveyor sass for sass 3.1 a7fe255
@Nataliya Nataliya Fixed the issue where grid dependencies weren't hidden/shown properly…
… on the page.
@jdzak jdzak Require UUID class in places where they're used. 3965e55
@Nataliya Nataliya Fixed the issue where dependency conditions weren't loaded properly a…
…nd causing dependent questions not to show correctly.
@Nataliya Nataliya Adding a comment to describe the active-record workaround. 6ecb29a
@jdzak jdzak Removed the uuid dependency from the testbed Gemfile and regenerated …
…the gemspec to include the uuid dependency.
@jdzak jdzak Fixed error when user answers a checkbox question. 526db32
Mark Yoon add sass, since Haml will no longer do so f2152fb
Mark Yoon add checkbox + text renderer. closes #107 ab4584e
@jdzak jdzak Fixed safari issue with conditional questions not hiding/showing. 09f8eff
Mark Yoon update homepage cd46f2a
Mark Yoon fix parsing of group questions with dependencies. closes #160 7b81c3b
Mark Yoon regenerating gemspec 1f46082
Mark Yoon upgrading cucumber 9cd07c6
Mark Yoon upgrading version to match current state of code 0660979
Mark Yoon Edited app/views/partials/_question.html.haml via GitHub - via Kevin …
Mark Yoon surveyor models ae7ba4d
Mark Yoon changed .to_s to .join for ruby 1.9 4d410f0
Mark Yoon changed fastercsv to csv for ruby 1.9. closes #111 f0b5973
Mark Yoon fix response saving and dependencies on pick one/many with string. cl…
…oses #158
yoon Merge pull request #139 from ignu/rails3
survey update bug
Mark Yoon rewrote a test to reflect re-saving a survey via an admin controller dab8490
Mark Yoon fix accidentally allowing through blank pick => any answers 4cbec31
Mark Yoon Version bump to 0.19.7 89cdfae
Mark Yoon Regenerate gemspec for version 0.19.7 a62ebf4
@jdzak jdzak Fix problem when calling Answer.exists?('') under postgers. b641c54
@jdzak jdzak Fixes problem with updating checkboxes on postgers. 94e7bef
Mark Yoon dynamically require some columns. closes #178 0e58012
Mark Yoon more redcap branching logic. closes #177 239d0ac
Mark Yoon fix parsing of question and answer references with q_ and a_ in their…
… names. closes #170
Mark Yoon two-lettered rule keys. closes #159 4aaa3fd
Mark Yoon two-lettered rule keys. this one actually closes #159 e72ee37
Mark Yoon benchmarking surveyor dump for #166 772f759
Mark Yoon separate file for custom css and gem upgrade message. closes #151 6f251d3
Mark Yoon dropdowns should save their response ids. closes #180 5084c45
Mark Yoon Save grid responses and ids. Closes #161 7199c40
@gorenje gorenje fixed an issue where the last date was sent instead of the currently …
…choosen date for a date field
Mark Yoon not using separate gemset, using passenger in development 2d4759d
Mark Yoon fixing date, time, and datetime saving via ajax. closes #133 edbff2f
Mark Yoon allow more of less whitespace in answer options. closes #179 1123733
Mark Yoon don't parse redcap formulas. really closes #179 8791d64
Mark Yoon moving from answer.hide_label => true to answer.display_type => 'hidd…
Mark Yoon allow answers to be images. closes #171 78cb189
Mark Yoon Version bump to 0.20.0 fd67cce
Mark Yoon Regenerate gemspec for version 0.20.0 927ce55
@majofi majofi RAILS_ROOT is no longer supported in Rails 3 0ce5268
yoon Merge pull request #204 from majofi/rails3
fix for RAILS_ROOT => Rails.root in Rails 3
@mgurley mgurley Fixed some of the broken features on
the that had not been converted to using
proper capybara syntax.  Partially closes
@mgurley mgurley Apply custom classes to all components of an answer.
Closes #219.
@mgurley mgurley Inpatient users can cause havoc in Surveyor.
Block the UI while the ajax submit is happening
so users can't modify the page before the
callback completes.
@mgurley mgurley Unchecking checkboxes in a pick => :any does
not save correctly.  Closes #208.

The upgrade from rails 3.0.3 -> 3.0.4 removed
support for submitting to nested attributes
hashes of hashes.  Now it only supports arrays
of hashes. I have not found any official
documentation for the dropping of support -- just
that our unit specs began failing and the 
following discussion:
Mark Yoon tying down some versions in Gemfile 97bc226
@Reprazent Merge branch 'rails3' of git:// into rails3
@Reprazent Force surveyor to play nice with formtastic bdbc1a4
@Reprazent The method is accessed from other classes too 8c7f38e
@Reprazent Merge branch 'rails3' of into rails3 c665a69
@Reprazent Revert "Force surveyor to play nice with formtastic"
This reverts commit bdbc1a4.
@pjaspers pjaspers Removes the reset.css from the results page.
This wasn't used and messed up formatting in Wipam.
@pjaspers pjaspers closed this Mar 8, 2012
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