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(Unnamed) Beat Saber Overlay

A web-based overlay for Beat Saber


Installation (OBS)

  1. Download and install the BeatSaberHTTPStatus plugin
  2. Create a Browser source


  1. Set the URL as and the size equal to your canvas size (1280x720, etc.)


  1. (Optional) For 1080p canvases, add the scale modifier (ex. to scale the overlay by 1.5x


Options are added to the URL query as such:

ip and port

Listen to events from another IP and/or port.


Multiple modifiers can be seperated with commas.

  • top
    • Moves the overlay to the top and reverses the layout vertically
  • rtl
    • Moves the overlay to the right and uses right-to-left text
  • scale
    • Scales the overlay by 1.5x, for use on 1080p canvases
  • test
    • Makes the background black, for testing purposes