First and Only Open Source compliant JAIN-SLEE (JSLEE) 1.1 Implementation
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RestComm JAIN SLEE is a highly scalable event-driven application server with a robust component model and fault tolerant execution environment.

RestComm JAIN-SLEE is the first and only Open Source Platform compliant with JAIN-SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240).

It provides a set of connectors to a variety of networks elements: SS7, MAP, CAP, TCAP, INAP, ISUP, XMPP, SIP, MGCP, HTTP, SMPP, XDM, XCAP and many others.


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RestComm JAIN-SLEE is lead by TeleStax, Inc. and developed collaboratively by a community of individual and enterprise contributors.

RestComm JAIN-SLEE is licensed under dual license policy. The default license is the Free Open Source GNU Affero GPL v3.0. Alternatively a commercial license can be obtained from Telestax (contact form)

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