Tool to generate duct layout options in Revit
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Revit add-in

  • User selects multiple possible shaft locations as nodes
  • User draws corridors with line
  • User clicks on "Submit button"

Dynamo script

  • Place VAV Boxes
  • Place ceiling diffusers in grid

Revit add-in

  • Generate a mesh of nodes and edge connections
  • Convert mesh into JSON
  • Convert geometry into lines for rendering in Python (either JSON or svg)
  • Save JSON to Google Drive

Python script

  • Read JSON
  • Calculate all possible paths
  • Calculate metrics (e.g. pounds of sheet metal, static pressure drop, etc.)
  • User views ductwork layout options
  • User selects preferred duct layout options
  • Python saves nodes for preferred duct layout option to JSON

Revit add-in

  • Import JSON
  • Create ductwork layout on nodes