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Community Recipes for Rex
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This is a community repository for Rex Recipes.

Everyone is invited to fork this repository and do pull requests.


As of Rex Version 0.25 there will be a command for rexify to search and download recipes for own Rex projects.

 rexify --search=mysql
 rexify <projectname> [directory] --use=Rex::Database::MySQL
 rexify <projectname> [directory] --use=Rex::Database::MySQL --use=Rex::Webserver::Apache ...


  • Choose a category.

    For example if you are developing a recipe for a Webserver like Apache, nginx, ... use the Webserver category. If you are developing a recipe for Usermanagement use the Category User.

    You can create new categories if there is no category that suite your needs.

    If you don't know which category to use, just use the "Misc" category.

  • I don't want to dictate style guides. Just have fun.

    For reference, i use space indention with 2 spaces.


Read the Contribute Guide on

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